• March 10 - 14, 2025

Policy and Geopolitics

Policy and Geopolitics Sessions

Spotlight | Asia Green Growth Partnership Ministerial

Primary energy demand and emissions are growing faster in Asia than in any other part of the world. Asia must find the means both to increase energy s... Read More

Accelerating the Energy Transition with Hydrogen

Hydrogen is a clean and versatile energy carrier that will play a significant role in global decarbonization efforts. What crucial pathways will hydro... Read More

Energy: The impact of competition and rivalries in a multipolar world

Governments around the world are competing to win the clean energy industries of the future. Some countries are relying on incentives, others are usin... Read More

Hydrogen Policy Post IRA: What is the status of the American hydrogen hubs?

Hear from America’s newest hydrogen hub to hear how this historic investment of clean energy through hydrogen will help the United States meet its ene... Read More

Spotlight | U.S. Energy Policy in an Election Year

The 2024 US election campaign is ramping up and the stakes are high for the energy sector ahead of November’s vote. The Biden administration has passe... Read More

Bridging the North-South Divide

Debt, high interest rates, commodity shocks and energy insecurity have propelled anger in the Global South. Emerging economies are seeking to overhaul... Read More

Big Infrastructure: Executing amid challenges

The global energy system is characterized by scale: Large-scale infrastructure projects in oil, gas, power, mining, refining and transportation are es... Read More

Spotlight | Policy Choices for Energy Transition

For the first time, COP28 delivered a pledge from governments around the world to “transition away from fossil fuels,” a landmark agreement for the Un... Read More

Infrastructure: Surmounting the permitting barrier?

The energy transition requires rapid deployment of new energy infrastructure at an unprecedented pace and scale.  Successfully permitting that infrast... Read More

Spotlight | Europe, Ukraine, and Russia: What lies ahead for politics and energy?

Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine has entered its third year. The fighting has reached a stalemate on the ground, with both sides struggling to ... Read More

Africa's Multidimensional Energy Transition

What are the various energy solutions helping to bring a multidimensional approach to Africa’s energy transition? What are the latest technological de... Read More

Dinner & Dialogue | Geopolitics: How risky the global order?

The Russia-Ukraine conflict, the latest Israel-Hamas war and a fraught U.S.-China relationship have hardened divisions on the global stage. As the pos... Read More

China’s Energy Future: Balancing a multidimensional transformation

Since the Chinese government announced its peak emissions (2030) and carbon neutrality (2060) targets, clean energy development in the country has acc... Read More

The IRA: How it changes the U.S. energy system

The US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) promises to unleash vast amounts of funding for companies to deploy clean energy, including wind and solar power,... Read More

Spotlight | New Geopolitics of the Middle East

The Israel-Hamas war erupted just as countries across the region were striving toward new economic and security agreements to bring stability and econ... Read More

Spotlight | Latin America Energy: Choices and new directions

Latin America countries boast vast resources to achieve energy security and lead in the energy transition, but will policies, markets and investment a... Read More

Spotlight | Africa's Energy Future: Opportunities and Constraints

Governments want to attract foreign investment, but revenue generation is not their only goal.They are also looking for investment that will boost inf... Read More

U.S. Politics in an Election Year

The U.S. election campaign is picking up steam ahead of November’s vote, where the presidency, control of Congress and scores of state and local offic... Read More

America and the World: The new map of geopolitics

The U.S. and the world are increasingly polarized. America’s internal polarization raises questions about its dependability as a friend and ally. What... Read More

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