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The oil industry is getting greener faster as U.S. policy shifts to climate change

CNBC | March 2021

CERAWeek arrives amid a season of upheaval

Houston Chronicle | March 2021

How Electric, Self-Driving Cars and Ride-Hailing Will Transform the Car Industry

WSJ | April 2021

Research and Analysis

    How do batteries make money in US power markets?

    Battery energy storage systems (BESS) are on the cusp of rapid growth in US wholesale power markets. But the unique operating characteristics of BESS—notably rapid response speed, bidirectional capability, and energy limitations—mean the nature of BESS participation in power markets is poorly understood.

    Carbon prices: Taxes and carbon markets increasing to drive company behavior

    IHS Markit monitors carbon prices on an ongoing basis and recently reviewed 30 jurisdictions to assess national and sector level systems.

    Racing for growth: Are oil and gas companies overheating the renewables sector?

    IHS Markit recently published a report examining the role of O&G companies in low-carbon M&A, the impact on renewable project and company valuations, and how the investments are setting up O&G companies for long-term growth in the low-carbon space.

    Energy markets in the 1970s and 2020s: Is past prologue?

    In the newest podcast by IHS Markit Energy and Natural Resources team, our experts explore the intersection of the financial and capital markets with the global energy industry.