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In 1983, Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA) was founded in Cambridge, Massachusetts by Daniel Yergin and James Rosenfield. The energy research and consulting firm quickly became known for its critical knowledge and independent analysis on energy markets, geopolitics, industry trends, technology and strategy. Each year, CERA clients gathered for a few days in Houston, Texas to attend the executive conference where they gained insight into the energy future while connecting with their peers. Over time, the program was expanded to five days of informative sessions and networking opportunities—and named CERAWeek. More than three decades later, CERAWeek by IHS Markit has become the world’s premier energy event. The conference is distinctive in the extraordinary depth and breadth of its content and the quality of the dialogue among participants.
CERAWeek 2019 In Review
CERAWeek Agora 2019 In Review

CERAWeek 2019 | Wrap Up

Daniel Yergin, Vice Chairman IHS Markit, CERAWeek Chairman and James Rosenfield, Senior Vice President, IHS Markit, CERAWeek Founder & Co-Chairman, reflect on the events of CERAWeek 2019.

Unparalleled content 

The program provides comprehensive insight into the global and regional energy future by addressing key issues—from markets and geopolitics to technology, project costs, energy and the environment, finance, operational excellence and cyber risks. CERAWeek conference content is presented in variety of settings including: 

  • Plenary Addresses – presentations by industry leaders and government officials on a range of strategic issues 
  • Plenary Dialogues – top executives share their views and participate in moderated discussions 
  • Strategic Dialogues – similar to the Plenary Dialogues with presentations and discussions on more granular-level topics 
  • Insight dinners – peers and experts gather for relaxed and informal discussions on strategies, risks and opportunities in key energy areas 
  • The Innovation Agora @ CERAWeek – a dedicated space for exploring the critical role of technology and innovation in the global energy future 
  • CERAWeek Special Programs – intimate invitation-only sessions allowing focused, highly interactive, off-the-record discussions on a variety of important topics 

Unparalleled collaboration 

CERAWeek fosters a culture of idea exchange, learning and relationship-building between industry, government and society to address the global energy future. The event brings together 4000 global industry leaders and policymakers from over 75 countries and the entire energy value chain. The connections made between key energy stakeholders at CERAWeek lead to year-round dialogue and collaboration and are a key reason participants return again and again. 

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Conference Code of Conduct 

CERAWeek is dedicated to providing an event that is free from unwelcome, intimidating, offensive, improper, or illegal conduct. While CERAWeek provides a framework that encourages this culture, we rely on all conference and event stakeholders to share this responsibility. As such, stakeholders are required to adhere to this Code of Conduct at CERAWeek, including on mobile applications and social media.

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