About CERAWeek

the Who’s Who list of the global energy industry” - Houston Chronicle
  • Luncheon and Dialogue, CERAWeek 2019
  • Networking Lounge, CERAWeek 2019
  • CERAWeek 2011
  • Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary Elizabeth of Denmark, CERAWeek Agora 2019
  • Eastern Mediterranean Gas Renaissance Strategic Dialogue, CERAWeek 2019
  • US Energy Policy Dialogue, CERAWeek 2019
  • India Exploration Dinner, CERAWeek 2019
  • Women in Energy Reception, CERAWeek 2019
  • Lord John Browne and Dr. Ernest Moniz, CERAWeek Agora 2019 Voices of Innovation
  • Carlos Pascual, SVP, IHS Markit, and Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, CERAWeek 2017
  • US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, CERAWeek 2019
  • Mary Barra, CEO, General Motors, Leadership Dialogue, CERAWeek 2018
  • Future Energy Leaders Program, CERAWeek 2019
  • Dr. Fatih Birol, CERAWeek 2019 Voices of Innovation

Like all CEOs, I receive many invitations to address conferences. The first question I always ask, how will this benefit Saudi Aramco? The second question is, how will this benefit our industry? And the third question I always ask, will Dan Yergin be involved? Of course, you have CERAWeek … with Dan Yergin, really hits the trifecta.”

-Amin Nasser, President and CEO, Saudi Aramco