CERAWeek 2021

The New Map: Energy, Climate, and Charting the Future

A new global map is being shaped by dramatic shifts in energy and geopolitics. It is a map that is defined less by physical and political boundaries than by alterations, integrations, and possibly collisions in global business and government. 

Energy lies at the center of this new map. The traditional structures that have underpinned the global energy ecosystem for decades are being remodeled by powerful agents of change: advanced technologies, new and emerging industries, shifting consumption patterns, growing centers of demand, and an increasing urgency to reverse the course of a warming planet. Overlaying these trends is the novel coronavirus that forever altered the world beginning in 2020. Its long-term consequences are still manifesting in real-time. 

The realignment from these forces will be profound and complex. Traditional forms of energy will give ground to new and emergent sources. Global commerce will recalibrate to accommodate innovative supply chains and production centers. The influence of countries and the alliances among them will be altered. And the transition to a low-carbon future will bring about new industry actors, refashion public policies, and repurpose investment strategies for the world’s vast pools of capital. The nuances of how these changes play out will define the contours of the world’s new map. 

CERAWeek 2021 charted the future of that map. On March 1-5, 2021, CERAWeek by IHS Markit convened the foremost thought leaders and decision makers in the fields of energy, technology, business, government, and finance to bring clarity and perspective to the future landscape. CERAWeek 2021, the largest and most prominent annual gathering on energy and technology, was unique from previous years in two ways. First, the sessions and themes were inspired by “The New Map: Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations,” the new book by IHS Markit Vice Chairman and CERAWeek Chairman Daniel Yergin, as a focal point for dialogue. Second, as testament to one of the most lasting effects of the new map, CERAWeek 2021 was, for the first time, an all-virtual event. 

We were excited to engage with you on the road to the future and for your insights to illuminate what lies ahead. We look forward to your valued participation at our 40th CERAWeek, March 7–11, 2022.

CERAWeek 2021 Program Themes