• March 10 - 14, 2025

Agora Pod 2024 Speakers

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Agora Pod 2024 Sessions

Twelve | A World Made from Air

Twelve is the Carbon Transformation company. Their revolutionary technology works like industrial photosynthesis by transforming CO2, water and renewa... Read More

Oceanways | Accelerate Your CCS/Hydrogen Projects with Virtual Pipelines Built with Low-cost Submarines

Like unit trains, our virtual pipelines are an agile complement to existing pipelines/ships, and we shall discuss “Why, How and Results” from our sea ... Read More


Subsurface not only provides natural energy resources such as oil and gas, geothermal energy and natural hydrogen, but also provides huge opportunitie... Read More

Nesh | GenAI for the Chemical Manufacturing Value Chain

Energy and chemical manufacturing organizations cannot afford to ignore the exponential benefits of GenAI across their value chain—from technical sale... Read More

Victory over Carbon | GigaDAC: Direct Air Capture for Gigaton Scale

The team at Victory over Carbon have applied an aerospace solution to the core airflow problem of direct-air-capture (DAC). In this session it will re... Read More

Enapter | Decentralized Hydrogen Production with AEM Electrolysers

Over 4,000 units are in operation worldwide. Why do customers scale with Enapter across the energy, mobility and industrial sectors? The platform stra... Read More

Kanin Energy | Decarbonization Through Waste Heat to Power

While the industrial sector accounts for one-third of global energy usage, up to 58% of that energy is lost, some of which is waste heat that can be r... Read More

Flexergy | More Bankable Projects and Faster First Hydrogen

How ultra-efficient compressor technology underpins more appropriate risk allocation, allowing projects to pass FID and get to first hydrogen sooner. ... Read More

FuelCell Energy | Energy and Hydrogen Solutions for the Energy Transition

An update on real world implementations of hydrogen production and carbon capture. 

Anax Power | Clean Energy from Natural Gas, Without Combustion

This session will highlight how Anax Power is using turboexpanders to decarbonize natural gas pipelines. 

Shoals | How EBOS is Enabling the Energy Transition

Shoals is enabling the energy transition by making the complex simple through our innovative suite of EBOS products. Join our session with Jeff Tolnar... Read More

Modern Hydrogen | Cutting Gas Emissions Without New Infrastructure

Distributed methane pyrolysis is one of the few decarbonization solutions that can drastically cut emissions without requiring new infrastructure. Ton... Read More

Prezerv | Advancing Energy Projects with Prezerv.ai's Disruptive Underground Mapping Technology

Discover how Prezerv’s innovative AI technology accelerates and reduces costs for large-scale energy projects with automated, accurate 3D underground ... Read More

Relyion Energy | Disruptive Technology to Extend the Life of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

Relyion’s battery management systems extend li-ion battery lifetime by up to 300% for new and second-use energy storage with new machine learning and ... Read More

Infinium | eFuels Revolutionizing Sustainable Aviation

E-Fuels leader Infinium has more than a dozen projects in development globally, and sustainable aviation fuels (eSAF) produced at Infinium’s Project R... Read More

Blaze Energy Technologies | Ammonia as a Decarbonization Fuel: Beyond its role as a hydrogen carrier

Heavy industries and commercial transport are responsible for more than 30% of global CO₂ emissions and are difficult to decarbonize using batteries a... Read More

Learn more about what CERAWeek Agora Pod presenting companies are doing now

The Innovation Agora Lyceum Program

The Innovation Agora Lyceum Program features seminars and lectures on critical emerging topics and technologies in a classroom lecture styled space. Subject matter expert(s) from our CERAWeek Partners, S&P Global analysts and guest “faculty” present for 30 minutes or more about an innovation or new technology, followed by interactive Q&A. 

These sessions deep dive into innovations, are primers on new technologies, and provide a chance to learn firsthand from the experts. The Lyceum Program is closed off to the media and any other recordings, creating a “safe space” for thorough learning and exchange of insights.

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