• March 10 - 14, 2025

2024 Partner Houses

  • View the dedicated spaces at the CERAWeek Innovation Agora that our delegates experienced showcased technologies from our Partners.


    At Aramco, we are driven by the belief that energy is opportunity. From producing approximately one in every eight barrels of the world's oil supply to developing new energy technologies, our global team is dedicated to creating impact in all that we do. 

    Visitors to the Aramco Agora House heard from Aramco’s Research & Development experts as well as Aramco Ventures partners, working to help advance the future of energy.


    The energy industry is in the midst of an evolution. How do energy companies meet the rapidly increasing energy demand while transitioning to cleaner, more sustainable energy sources and maintaining reliability and affordability for their customers? The answer lies in the cloud. 

    Cloud technologies are driving the integration, optimization, and transformation of energy systems across the energy value chain. Advancements in satellites, IoT, and edge computing are providing unrivaled visibility over distributed energy assets across even the most remote areas of the globe. Digital twins, machine learning, and high-performance computing are unlocking insights from untapped data and unlocking insights that are helping maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and accelerate decarbonization. And now, with the transformative power of generative AI, companies are reimagining the customer experience, enhancing operational safety, optimizing energy systems and more. 

    CERAWeek delegates explored our latest cloud innovations across subsurface, operations, grid modernization, decarbonization, and Project Kuiper. Open, intelligent, interoperable, and sustainable – this is the future of energy, and it’s happening now on AWS.


    Partners in Innovation: Advancing a lower-carbon future 

    The Chevron Partner House offered the opportunity to learn about how our partnerships in innovation are advancing energy progress. We believe the future is lower carbon, and that future is best achieved through collaboration. Chevron is working in new ways with innovators, policymakers, partners and customers to understand and address the complex needs of the essential industries that enable modern society. Stop by to learn how we are leveraging our strengths to deliver affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy solutions to a growing world. 

    Delegates stopped by to learn how we are leveraging our strengths to deliver affordable, reliable and ever-cleaner energy solutions to a growing world.


    At ExxonMobil, we work to provide the fuels and chemicals that make modern life possible and support human progress. For us, providing the energy our global economy requires while also offering lower-emission solutions shouldn’t be an either/or choice; we like to think of it as an “and” equation, and that’s an equation we’re built to help solve. 

    Operating in more than 60 countries, we are constantly seeking solutions to meet society’s evolving needs – something ExxonMobil has been doing for more than 140 years.

    At heart, we are a global team of 62,000 scientists, engineers, researchers, technicians, professionals and other employees, representing more than 160 nationalities, who are focused on safely meeting the world’s energy and product needs. Together, we’re determined to play a key role in a thoughtful transition to an energy-secure, lower-emissions future for society.


    Accelerating the energy transition in the era of AI 

    Energy and resources companies face the tremendous challenge of tacking the energy trilemma. To balance increasing energy demand with geopolitics, regulations, and climate, the industry is turning to digital technologies to grow their businesses and operate more efficiently and sustainably. The energy and resources industry is at the forefront of innovation to help solve these challenges and develop new solutions to decarbonize and move toward carbon free energy. And now, in this era of AI, Microsoft is enabling customers and partners to unlock the power of AI across the enterprise to accelerate the energy transition and to create a data driven digital foundation for a sustainable, net zero future.


    Oxy, an international energy company based in Houston, is committed to applying our expertise in carbon management to advance a lower-carbon future. From methane measurement and electrification to building the world's largest DAC and accelerating emerging low-carbon technologies, we aim to achieve net zero and deliver solutions to help others do the same.

    Oxy’s Agora House featured the progress we've already made, and delegates heard from the innovators pushing progress forward and join the conversation.


    Together for Our Future. With a path forged over five decades, PETRONAS is a global dynamic energy group that is determined to thrive in the energy transition and continue delivering energy to our customers in a just and responsible manner. 

    Join us on an exciting journey with real and global solutions that can support the Net Zero ambitions of Asia - a vast and diverse region that’s home to almost two-thirds of the global population, contributing to around 60% of global economic growth, and accounting for half of the world's greenhouse gas emissions. What we do together matters, for Asia and the world to move towards a more sustainable future. 


    Passionate about Progress.

    S&P Global

    The S&P Global House highlighted perspectives from across S&P Global. As respected advisors, our insights and people help you keep pace with the multidimensional energy transition. 

    Delegates tracked commodity price benchmarks that are essential to global markets with our Plattsâ Benchmarks Wall from S&P Global Commodity Insights. 

    Participants dove deep into our Energy Security Sentinel™ for an enhanced understanding of the risks to energy and shipping markets in geopolitical hotspots. 

    CERAWeek delegates also navigated a pathway to a low-carbon economy with the Commodity Insights Atlas of Energy Transition™. A collaboration with S&P Global Market Intelligence, the Atlas is your map to sustainable commodity markets of the future, and the technologies that take us there.

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