Maximize your conference participation with the CERAWeek Partnership Program

Interested in becoming a Partner?

CERAWeek Partners contribute to advancing the CERAWeek mission

CERAWeek Partners help to build a culture of idea exchange, learning, and relationship-building between industry, government and society to secure the global energy future.

The program integrates branding, knowledge contribution, media support, delegation support, hosting and networking into a single tailored strategy that supports the Partner’s objectives. CERAWeek Partners benefit from enhanced participation in the Executive Conference, as well as more intimate and exclusive CERAWeek private programs. The latter are reserved for CERAWeek’s senior-most participants, providing them with an invitation-only track of designated professional communities.

Partner Benefits:

✓ High-level engagement before, during and after the conference 

✓ Maximized impact and experience of your executives’ participation

✓ Support by the CERAWeek Executive Steering Committee and a team of dedicated CERAWeek Partner Liaison Managers

This unique platform creates an opportunity for Partners to deepen relationships with key stakeholders, developing and sharing ideas and thought leadership, while enhancing their visibility and profile. CERAWeek Partners also benefit from access to exclusive CERAWeek private programs, networking and meeting spaces. The former are reserved exclusively for CERAWeek’s senior-most participants, providing an invitation-only track of designated professional communities. These interactive sessions draw on Partners’ expertise and thought leadership contributions.

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For more information on becoming a CERAWeek Partner please email the CERAWeek Partner Program ( or call Martha O'Connor: +1 617 866 5132
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