2022 Agenda

Times and topics subject to change.

The CERAWeek 2022 agenda is coming soon!

Executive Conference Themes
  • More Energy, Lower Emissions
    What are the fundamental shifts needed in investment, regulatory policy, and technology? How will the industry respond to the challenge of helping achieve COP26 commitments to net-zero emissions? How will the industry continue to invest in the supplies needed to meet the energy needs driven by post-pandemic economic growth, while meeting low-carbon objectives?
  • Competitive Landscape and Energy Transition
    What strategies are being adopted and how will the environmental imperatives alter the competitive playing field and structure of the energy industry? What are the fuels of the future?
  • Geopolitics and Energy Markets
    Recent election outcomes, the pandemic, growing nationalism, cross-border carbon taxes, and trade friction – all create considerable risk and uncertainty for global energy. What is the emerging new map of geopolitics? The US–China relationship central to the global economy remains tense. How will growing rifts impact energy trade, risk management, and capital flows?
  • Supply Chains
    The post-pandemic economic recovery, combined with the requirements of scaling renewables and emerging net-zero technologies, are placing great focus on supply chains. How will supply chains adjust and scale, and what are the risks of disruption?
  • Natural Gas
    Bridge fuel or a casualty of the energy transition?
  • Financing the Energy Future: The capital transition
    Recalibrating the world’s energy system to meet net-zero targets and to ensure energy production will meet demand will require trillions of dollars of investment. These investment needs come as the global economy faces a fragile post-pandemic recovery and ESG demands are growing. How will investors navigate these risks and opportunities?
  • Workforce of the Future: Fostering diversity, equity, inclusion and next generation skills
    Attracting and retaining talent will be a critical source of competitive advantage. What skills are needed for the energy industry of the future? How can the industry attract next-gen workers? How can industry remain in-step with society’s evolving values on ESG, race, diversity, and inclusion?