• March 10 - 14, 2025

Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation Sessions

Navigating AI and the Digital Revolution

Conversation with Julie Sweet, Chair & Chief Executive Officer, Accenture, and Doug Peterson, President & Chief Executive Officer, S&P Global.

Solutions to Decarbonize Hard-to-Abate Sectors

Hard-to-abate sectors have many decarbonization approaches available to consider. These include changing manufacturing processes and operations to red... Read More

AI: How will it impact the energy business?

The power of AI and its potential to disrupt many aspects of business and personal life, has become a popular topic of conversation, particularly in r... Read More

Hydrogen on Wheels

The promise of hydrogen in helping decarbonize mobility has traditionally focused on fuel cell vehicles across the range of classifications, from pass... Read More

Strategies and Business Models for Deploying CleanTech

New innovations in cleantech, carbon management, hydrogen and low-carbon fuels, transportation and other industries require a diverse ecosystem of par... Read More

Hydrogen Technologies to Achieve Net-zero

A transition to low-carbon hydrogen will change the way we produce and consume energy. What technologies will prevail in this dynamic market? What pol... Read More

Green Molecules for the Refinery: The value chain of hydrogen

The energy transition calls for decarbonization of industry. Low-carbon hydrogen and its derivatives will be vital to achieve this in hard to abate se... Read More

Flying with Hydrogen

Promising progress has been made with hydrogen powered aircraft driven either by hydrogen fuel cells or using hydrogen derivatives as sustainable avia... Read More

Creating Demand Market Mechanisms: Make or break for the hydrogen industry

The past years have been pivotal for clean hydrogen development. Targets have been set, supply incentives have been announced and regions across the g... Read More

How Digital and AI Will Transform the Energy Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other digital tools hold enormous potential to help the energy sector deliver energy cheaper and more efficiently whi... Read More

EIP: Accelerating decentralized, resilient and sustainable energy systems

The multidimensional nature of the energy transition is reshaping the global energy system. The need to balance markets, climate and geopolitics is cr... Read More

Hydrogen Goes Nuclear: Electrolyzers and reactors

By identifying and securing offtake agreements with reliable partners, hydrogen project developers can mitigate commercial risks, improve project bank... Read More

Scaling Technologies for the Future

Transitioning from today’s emissions-intensive energy system to a near-zero emission system over the next 30 to 40 years will require large-scale depl... Read More

Robotics and Drones: Applications in automation and safety

Advancements in autonomous robotics and drone implementation are improving industrial processes by removing human error and improving efficiency. What... Read More

National Labs Accelerating Energy Transition

We are proud to bring back representatives from the U.S. National Labs as they discuss their latest technological innovations. 

Unlocking the "U" in CCUS: Advances in CO2 use cases

Developing a large-scale CCUS value chain requires current commercial CO2 use cases to rapidly scale.  Besides storge, companies are evaluating opport... Read More

Technology Choices for the Future

The global energy system is in the early stages of major technological transformation. Companies, policy makers and investors around the world are acc... Read More

Sustainability and Circularity Across Value Chains

The chemicals industry is moving toward circular production models to reduce waste, maximize resource use and cut carbon emissions. This requires deve... Read More

Repurposing Infrastructure for Hydrogen

Repurposing natural gas infrastructure for hydrogen is possible with certain modifications and considerations. Although significant planning is requir... Read More

Corporate Venture's Role in Supporting Innovation and Startups

Corporate venture capital (CVC) groups provide support to startups in several ways―expert input, pilot projects, finance, access to certain markets, e... Read More

Will AI Accelerate the Energy Transition?

AI has the potential to accelerate the energy transition. It promises to help advance the design of new materials, monitor and analyze emissions, opti... Read More

Hydrogen Disruptors: Innovated technologies in a dynamic sector

Hydrogen technology developments can act as significant positive 'disruptors' in the deployment of the hydrogen economy. This session will highlight r... Read More

How Will AI Change Power System Operations?

Power systems are undergoing enormous changes as renewable power, electric vehicles, smart grids and other energy transition technologies upend tradit... Read More

Cyber: “Shields up” for energy systems

The energy system has increasingly become a target for hackers, cyber criminals and state-backed actors, making the protection of grids, pipelines, po... Read More

Spotlight | Power and Technology: Reshaping the energy landscape

Technology is transforming the way power is generated, distributed and consumed. New advancements in equipment, designs and materials, as well as in a... Read More

Balancing the Appetite for Food AND Fuel

As the demand for biofuel grows, the agriculture and feedstock industries have started to gear up to meet the new demand and balance it with on-going ... Read More

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