• March 10 - 14, 2025

Power Markets in Transition

Power Markets in Transition Sessions

The “Capital Transition” Funding the Energy Transition

Energy has reemerged as a great driving force in finance, unlocking capital for the sector and underpinning rising investment. Energy remains the life... Read More

The “Capital Transition” for the energy transition

In the past decade, rapid technology changes, regulatory shifts and volatile interest rates have clouded both the economic outlook and the prospective... Read More

Making Money while Decarbonizing: Challenge for power markets

As renewable energy deployment accelerates across the world, pioneering regions like Europe are already seeing more negative prices in wholesale power... Read More

Financial Prospects for Renewable Power: Will markets support returns?

Inflation, high interest rates and supply chain bottlenecks over the past two years have challenged the competitiveness of clean energy projects after... Read More

How to Assure Power System Flexibility

The widespread uptake of renewable power generation is creating new variability and system reliability issues for operators to manage. Power markets a... Read More

Meeting the Growing Power Needs of the Global South

The “Global South” countries in Africa, Latin America and South and Southeast Asia account for 58% of the world’s population but only 20% of electrici... Read More

Turning Points: What's ahead for Latin American power markets?

As solar and wind generation continue to transform power markets across Latin America, new challenges are emerging. Maintaining flexible and resilient... Read More

Catching Up: Meeting the challenge of power demand growth

The move to electrify all that can be electrified is underway. Electricity is the way forward: it is expected that it will take a larger share of the ... Read More

Tripling Renewables by 2030: How to get there?

One of COP28’s big breakthroughs was a pledge to triple global renewable energy capacity by 2030. But reaching this ambitious goal will require new po... Read More

Power Market Design: The price of reliability and resilience

Dramatic growth in wind, solar and energy storage alongside greater electrification of the economy will transform the power sector over the next decad... Read More

Higher Value, Lower Costs: Growth models for renewables

Renewable energy is poised to continue its torrid growth as the world presses to decarbonize power grids. But the next phase of growth will require de... Read More

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