• March 10 - 14, 2025

New Supply Chains for Net Zero

New Supply Chains for Net Zero Sessions

Building New Supply Chains Required for Net Zero

Meeting the world’s ambitious net-zero goals will require establishing new and robust supply lines for the minerals, materials and fuels needed for th... Read More

Spotlight | Remapping Supply Chains: Friendshoring & deglobalization

The new world of deglobalization and protectionism amplifies the focus on security of supply of goods and services that enable the energy transition. ... Read More

Bringing Down Emissions in Supply Chains

Improving the performance of supply chain delivery times, costs and carbon footprint is critical to all participants in the chain and to the ultimate ... Read More

Sustainability and Circularity Across Value Chains

The chemicals industry is moving toward circular production models to reduce waste, maximize resource use and cut carbon emissions. This requires deve... Read More

Higher Value, Lower Costs: Growth models for renewables

Renewable energy is poised to continue its torrid growth as the world presses to decarbonize power grids. But the next phase of growth will require de... Read More