• March 10 - 14, 2025

Energy Markets

Energy Markets Sessions

Leadership Dialogue: Global Markets

Global energy markets have been roiled by the conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East, sanctions, high inflation, supply chain ruptures and the conti... Read More

Hydrogen as a Global Market Driver

The global hydrogen market is expanding, driven by increased demand for low-carbon and sustainable solutions. This expansion encompasses various forms... Read More

Innovating the Energy Mix for Mobility

For over a century, the modern economy has been made possible by a global fossil fuel system that has delivered low-cost, scalable energy. Now after o... Read More

Hydrogen: How to grow a market

Countries are providing incentives to develop new hydrogen markets, with the U.S. leading the way on the scale of government funding available to the ... Read More

Global Economy: Smooth or rough landing

The global economy is in a fragile state. Inflation rates around the world appear to have peaked, but policymakers still face a difficult task of furt... Read More

The Future of Transportation: Molecules and electrons

The transportation sector is in the early stages of a profound transformation driven by accelerating Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) penetration. The mix ... Read More

Global LNG: Sustaining growth in a world of uncertainty

The importance of LNG in the global energy supply mix continues to grow as liquefaction capacity is set to expand rapidly the rest of this decade. Geo... Read More

Energy Security in a Volatile World: The importance of markets

The promise of China’s post-pandemic recovery has given way to concerns over the trajectory of China’s economic growth. In the meantime, in the U.S. a... Read More

Gas & LNG: Investing for the long-term

Among their many roles, natural gas and LNG offer security of supply during times of disruption, an economic resource for emerging economies and a low... Read More

Spotlight | The Dual Challenge: More energy and lower emissions

The involvement of oil and gas companies, including National Oil Companies (NOCs) that account for about 50% of the world’s oil and gas production, in... Read More

Minerals and Mining: Meeting “energy transition demand”?

Decarbonizing the global energy system will require the rapid development of new large-scale supply chains for minerals and metal—such as copper, lith... Read More

How Geographies of Energy are Shifting

Conversation with Paolo Rocca, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Techint and Daniel Yergin, Vice Chairman, S&P Global.   

Electric Vehicle Penetration: Accelerating or braking?

Electric vehicle (EV) sales are growing quickly in key markets. Strong government support and stringent tailpipe emissions standards, along with robus... Read More

Co-Location: The new duo of power generation and storage

Business models for grid-connected energy storage are being solidified around the world, leading to accelerated growth. In addition, “co-location” pro... Read More

Integration of Refining and Agriculture: How will these industries change together?

Policy is driving the liquid fuels business to invest in lower-carbon intensity products and processing. As a result, the refining and agricultural in... Read More

Latest Developments in Smart Grid Technology Enabled by AI

More efficient calculations in energy demand, renewable energy efficiency and storage use are just some of the advantages that artificial intelligence... Read More

Supplying the U.S. Hydrogen Hubs: Equipping a hydrogen ecosystem

Building a hydrogen supply chain involves several key steps and considerations to ensure the reliable production, storage, transportation, and distrib... Read More

Tripling Renewables by 2030: Supply chain challenges

Across the global stage, over a hundred countries have pledged to triple renewable energy deployment by 2030. How are these countries addressing poten... Read More

Building the (Big) Grid of the Future

The electric power sector is at the forefront of the energy transition. Renewables are rapidly replacing fossil fuel power plants while electric vehic... Read More

Forging Ahead: Critical minerals and the energy transition

As the key components of batteries and electrification technologies, demand for copper, lithium, nickel, cobalt and other critical minerals is expecte... Read More

Building the Hydrogen Workforce

A new workforce will be required to build a new industry, but what is needed to develop the skills for growth and innovation in hydrogen? How can comp... Read More

Spotlight | Impact of the IRA on U.S. Electric Power

The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) is intended to spur the deployment of clean energy technologies and propel the U.S. toward a decarbonized power syst... Read More

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