A focus on the emerging hydrogen ecosystem

At CERAWeek 2022, the Hydrogen Hub explored the emergence of hydrogen as pillar of a low-carbon future. From government policy to corporate strategy, delegates discovered how hydrogen contributes to net zero targets. 

Each morning, a lyceum learning session introduced the topics of the day. Amphitheater panels and one-on-one sessions discussed broad areas, short-format Agora Pod presentations and informal Meetups dove into specific topics, and receptions and informal meetings enhanced connections. Organizations in the hydrogen ecosystem participated in these various formats showcasing their leadership and built new relationships throughout CERAWeek.

Key daily topics

Research & Analysis

Live Conversations Series
Quest for Energy: Will Hydrogen Deliver

3 February 

Critical questions for the future include: how quickly will the cost of low-carbon hydrogen decline, what will be the mix of hydrogen from different supply sources and how quickly will demand grow?

IHS Markit Blog
The golden spike: Completing a transcontinental network of hydrogen refueling stations in North America
EnergyCents- Ep 63:
Popularity contest: Batteries, hydrogen, and the race for cleantech capital
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