• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Hydrogen Hub

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A focus on the emerging hydrogen ecosystem

The Hydrogen Hub is a space within CERAWeek’s Innovation Agora that is dedicated to the emerging hydrogen ecosystem. The Hydrogen Hub program focused on technology, project development, hydrogen production and transportation economics, financing, and policy. 

Amphitheater panels and one-on-one sessions are the core of the Hydrogen Hub program, covering a range of topics in a concise format. Lyceum learning sessions introduced new themes and topics, often with a technology focus. Agora Pod presentations and informal Meetups will dug deeper, while receptions and informal meetings will helped to build the Hydrogen Hub community.

Topics included:

  • Hydrogen policy and geopolitics: Setting the strategic vision

    Key Question:
    How will support for hydrogen development evolve globally in the wake of the US IRA?

  • Hydrogen’s impact on cars, trucks, aviation, and mobility

    Key Question:
    What is the scalability of infrastructure required to support hydrogen-fueled transportation?

  • Utilizing low-carbon solutions and industrial end-user applications

    Key Question:
    How quickly can costs decline to meet zero carbon goals?

  • Hydrogen in power and gas markets

    Key Question:
    What solutions can support the development of the hydrogen economy?

  • Geographies of Hydrogen

    Key Question:
    What is required to create a viable hydrogen hub?