• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Climate Hub

A focus on solutions for climate change

The Innovation Agora Climate Hub is a dedicated zone for sharing ideas and exploring solutions for climate change. Through open amphitheater panel sessions and smaller group meetups, leaders in energy industry, finance, government and academia explored key topics surrounding climate change and engaged in discussions on science and modeling, technology and innovation, stakeholder engagement, and the geopolitics of climate change.

Topics included:

  • Science and Modeling

    Key Question: 
    Is there a scientific consensus on climate change?

  • Policy and Geopolitics

    Key Question: 
    Are policies moving the dial on climate change? What are some of the challenges that lie ahead and what could realistically be achieved in the next year before COP 28?

  • Infrastructure

    Key Question: 
    What is the future of coastal communities and how do we adapt? How are the risks different in developing versus developed nations?

  • Business & Finance

    Key Question: 
    Is climate change an opportunity for the private sector?

  • Global Impact

    Key Question: 
    How should we prepare for a world of climate extremes?

  • Energy Industry

    Key Question: 
    What role is energy industry playing in finding solutions for climate change?