• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Carbon Hub

A focus on the decarbonization ecosystem

The Carbon Hub is a dedicated space in which energy industry stakeholders convene to exchange insights on innovations to abate GHG emissions and to remove CO2 from the atmosphere in pursuit of net zero goals. 

In open amphitheater panel sessions and smaller group meetups, leading experts from across the energy and energy-intensive ecosystems shared practical experiences and learnings in growing and implementing solutions which accelerate decarbonization using technology, new business models and the enablers available from financing and policy and market support.

Topics included:

  • Carbon Capture, Utilization & Storage (CCUS), Direct Air Capture (DAC)

    Key Question: 
    How to get to scale in Carbon Capture, Utilization and storage?

  • Methane

    Key Question:
    What are best practices in detecting, measuring and taking action on methane emissions?

  • Nature-based solutions

    Key Question:
    How to ensure the supply of high-quality Nature-Based Solutions for Carbon Offsets?

  • Biofuels

    Key Question:
    What is the next level of impact from biofuels, for example in Synthetic Aviation Fuels or in Waste-to-Energy?

  • Decarbonization Oil & Gas chain

    Key Question:
    What are the learnings from efforts to decarbonize the Oil & Gas chain, mining and other energy intensive industries?

  • Technology, Business models, Finance

    Key Question:
    Financing Low Carbon: what makes an Energy Transition fund “Green”?