• March 10 - 14, 2025

On Demand

CERAWeek 2024

Multidimensional Energy Transition: Markets, climate, technology and geopolitics

This March, we were delighted to reconvene the CERAWeek community in Houston. This year’s theme was “Multidimensional Energy Transition: Markets, climate, technology and geopolitics”. Together we explored in-depth strategies through dialogue, shared learning and connection with foremost thought leaders, influential policymakers and executives from across energy, finance, technology, and industry. 

Access select CERAWeek 2024 sessions on demand by session format below.


    Chief executives and senior officials from government and industry share high-level insights on the global energy landscape.


    An exciting new format that provided moderated dialogues with executives and leading thought leaders on issues critical to the energy future.

    Strategic Roundtables

    In-depth discussion among industry leaders on key issues, strategies and trends shaping energy.

    Agora Voices of Innovation

    Candid conversations from the foremost and sometimes controversial thought leaders profiling their journeys in a one-on-one setting.

    Agora Studios

    Focused moderated discussions with industry leaders and ecosystem participants on emerging and disruptive technologies.

    Agora Hubs

    Sessions from a dedicated zone in the Innovation Agora for sharing ideas and insights, exploring the technology frontiers around central themes and topic areas.

    Agora Pods

    Briefs from startups, tech innovators, and case studies on technology impacts across industries.