• March 10 - 14, 2025

Olivier Le Peuch


Chief Executive Officer

Olivier Le Peuch is SLB’s chief executive officer and has been since August 2019. Previously, he served as the company’s chief operating officer, as well as many other global management roles in his 35 years with SLB. These include executive vice president of reservoir and infrastructure; president of the Cameron group; president of completions; vice president of engineering, manufacturing, and sustaining; and president of Software Integrated Solutions. Olivier began his long SLB career in 1987 as an electrical engineer. He spent his early years in custom software integration and development and in high-temperature electronics development for wireline equipment. Olivier held several leadership roles, including management of technology development in both Europe and the United States. Olivier earned an electrical engineering degree from Bordeaux Engineering School and a research master's degree in microelectronics from the Bordeaux University of Science.

Sessions With Olivier Le Peuch

Tuesday, 19 March

  • 10:45am - 11:15am (CST) / 19/mar/2024 03:45 pm - 19/mar/2024 04:15 pm

    The Global Energy Company

    Strategy and Business Models

    The push to decarbonize the global economy is opening new vistas of opportunity and risk for major international energy companies. Global companies are continuing to invest in their core businesses as they look for new growth opportunities in the energy transition. How should companies think about their capital allocation priorities and strategies? Which technologies are most promising for traditional oil companies? What are the strategies and choices for oil and gas companies and technology companies responding to government, investor and consumer demands to decarbonize while also ensuring today’s fuels remain accessible and affordable?