• March 10 - 14, 2025

Richard Voorberg

Siemens Energy, Inc.

President, North America

Richard Voorberg is President of the North America Hub of Siemens Energy, based in Orlando, FL. In this role, Richard has regional responsibility for the Energy business in the Americas. Siemens Energy operates across the whole energy landscape. From conventional to renewable power, from grid technology to storage to electrifying complex industrial processes.

Sessions With Richard Voorberg

Monday, 18 March

  • 07:30pm - 09:00pm (CST) / 19/mar/2024 12:30 am - 19/mar/2024 02:00 am

    Solving the Workforce Gap in Energy

    Future of Workforce/Diversity & Inclusion

    The energy industry needs a robust, growing and highly skilled workforce to continue to meet today’s energy needs while building the decarbonized energy system of the future. Yet energy executives across the oil and gas and clean energy spectrum regularly cite retaining and recruiting talent as among their biggest challenges. How can the industry attract the next generation of talent to replace an aging workforce? Where are the opportunities and risks for the industry’s workforce in the energy transition? How will new digital tools like AI affect the energy workforce?    

Wednesday, 20 March

  • 01:30pm - 02:00pm (CST) / 20/mar/2024 06:30 pm - 20/mar/2024 07:00 pm

    Future-Proofing Energy Assets: Repurposing for low-carbon

    Energy Infrastructure/Supply Chains

    Repurposing of energy assets to enable low-carbon energy projects is an increasingly common strategy across the energy sector. In upstream examples include re-use of aging facilities for hydrogen or CO2 processing and transport, or for CO2 storage in reservoirs. Downstream examples include converting refineries to produce hydrogen or biofuels / Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), while in the power sector, utilizing coal or other thermal sites for renewables and desalination projects offers opportunities in some regions. Which drivers enable industry players to take advantage of their existing assets in this way? What regulatory support is most helpful? Which regions offer the most potential?