• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Morgan D. Bazilian

Colorado School of Mines

Director, Payne Institute & Professor of Public Policy

Morgan Bazilian is the Director of the Payne Institute and Professor of Public Policy at the Colorado School of Mines. Dr. Bazilian is regarded as a leading expert in international affairs, security, policy, and investment. He has published in Science, Nature, Foreign Affairs, Foreign Policy, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, and other leading journals. His book Analytical Methods for Energy Diversity and Security is considered a seminal work in energy security. He serves on the Advisory Council of the Sustainable Finance Programme at Oxford University, a member of Ireland's National Climate Change Council, a Global Fellow at the Wilson Center, and a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Previously, Dr. Bazilian was a senior diplomat at the United Nations, and lead energy specialist at the World Bank. Earlier in his career, he was the European Union’s lead negotiator on technology at the UN climate negotiations. 

Sessions With Morgan D. Bazilian

Monday, 18 March

  • 03:00pm - 03:30pm (CST) / 18/mar/2024 08:00 pm - 18/mar/2024 08:30 pm

    Making Sense of Methane Measurements with Advanced Analytics

    Carbon Management/Decarbonization

    Advanced analytical techniques are important to make an integrated interpretation of methane emissions data sensors with different spatial and temporal characteristics (satellites, airborne, continuous monitoring cameras, etc.). What is the state of such integrative solutions, and how can results assist the reporting of methane emissions to regulatory authorities? 

Tuesday, 19 March

  • 10:00am - 10:30am (CST) / 19/mar/2024 03:00 pm - 19/mar/2024 03:30 pm

    Improving Energy Access While Combatting Climate Change

    Digitalization/AI/Machine Learning/Robotics/Cybersecurity

    Developments over the past two years have demonstrated that the energy transition is more complicated than previously thought. While the transition proceeds, expectations of a linear global shift have been shaken as climate goals compete with priorities around energy security, energy access and affordability. Where are the gaps in policy, technology and financing and what is a feasible path to address those gaps?

  • 05:30pm - 06:10pm (CST) / 19/mar/2024 10:30 pm - 19/mar/2024 11:10 pm

    Africa's Multidimensional Energy Transition

    Energy Transition

    What are the various energy solutions helping to bring a multidimensional approach to Africa’s energy transition? What are the latest technological developments for oil, gas and renewable power companies as they help bring much needed energy to this continent?