Kahina Abdeli-Galinier


Emissions Business Director

Kahina Abdeli-Galinier is the Business Director for Emissions Management — a new venture launched by Schlumberger during 2021 to support Energy customers to monitor and reduce their methane and flare emissions. Prior to this role, she held the position of Marketing and Strategy Director, Digital & Integration following the formation of this fast-growing division of Schlumberger in July 2020. She had previously been Vice President of Marketing for the Schlumberger software product line since 2017, and Executive Communication Manager for the executive management of Schlumberger Limited since 2015. Between 2008-2015, she held a range of management and strategic roles internationally within the organization. Abdeli-Galinier joined Schlumberger in 2008 following a varied career in technical and business consulting positions. She holds an Associate degree in Mathematics, a Master and Engineering degree from Institut d’Optique, and a Doctorate in Physics from Ecole Polytechnique, France.

Sessions With Kahina Abdeli-Galinier

Wednesday, 9 March

  • 12:00pm - 12:50pm (CST) / 09/mar/2022 06:00 pm - 09/mar/2022 06:50 pm

    Managing Hydrocarbon Emissions Across the Value Chain

    Panel Markets/Economics/Strategy

    GHG emissions have emerged as a key competitive metric for oil and gas companies. The debate around the short- and long-term roles of oil and gas in the energy transition is now mainstream, contentious, and shifting. What is the state of GHG emissions understanding (or lack thereof)? How could rising oil and gas ambition impact the outlook? What practical steps are companies taking to reduce their GHG footprint, particularly regarding methane? What is the path forward for the industry?