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  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Tim Latimer

Fervo Energy

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Tim Latimer is the CEO of Fervo Energy. Fervo delivers 24/7 carbon free energy through development of next-generation geothermal power. Fervo's technology incorporates proven, cost-effective technologies, such as horizontal drilling and distributed fiber optic sensing, to unlock the potential of geothermal energy. Fervo is supported through Activate, Elemental Excelerator, the Department of Energy, Stanford University, and Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Tim began his career as a Drilling Engineer with BHP Billiton where he worked in the Permian and Eagle Ford basins. With a growing appreciation of the urgency and importance of climate change, Tim left the oil and gas industry in 2015 to pursue an MBA and an MS in Environment and Resources from Stanford University and learn how to best contribute to the clean energy transition. Tim has also worked as a Consultant for the Boston Consulting Group and as a consultant for startups Biota Technology and McClure Geomechanics. Tim is a Fellow at Activate and the Clean Energy Leadership Institute. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tulsa.

Sessions With Tim Latimer

Tuesday, 7 March

  • 07:30am - 08:10am (CST) / 07/mar/2023 01:30 pm - 07/mar/2023 02:10 pm

    Geothermal Energy: What's working and where?

    With the expanding electrification of the global economy as well as increasing pressure to decarbonize power, geothermal energy is experiencing a revival. While this technology has a long history of deployment, it remains limited in application with only a fraction of the global geothermal resource being developed. What are the barriers to widespread deployment? What innovations are needed to accelerate its development and deployment in a renewable energy landscape dominated by wind and solar? What new commercial models will arise, and who is best positioned to capture them?