• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

R. Max Holmes

Woodwell Climate Research Center

President & CEO

Dr. R. Max Holmes is motivated by a vision of science that connects people with each other and the natural world, and which drives urgently needed solutions to the climate crisis. He joined Woodwell Climate Research Center as a scientist in 2005 and served as Deputy Director for five years prior to becoming President & CEO in 2021. He previously served as Director of the US National Science Foundation’s Arctic Systems Science Program, was elected National Fellow of the Explorers Club in 2015, and served on the 2022 Earthshot Prize host committee. He is a sought-after speaker at venues ranging from TEDx to Davos, and regularly quoted by top new outlets including The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Independent. His globe-spanning career, track record of community-based science, and innate passion for interacting with new people and ideas, position Dr. Holmes to engage diverse audiences with his inspiring, action-oriented vision for our climate future.

Sessions With R. Max Holmes

Monday, 18 March

  • 01:30pm - 02:00pm (CST) / 18/mar/2024 06:30 pm - 18/mar/2024 07:00 pm

    Weathering the Change: What are the links between climate change and extreme events?

    Climate & Sustainability

    As our planet undergoes unprecedented environmental shifts, understanding the connections between climate change and extreme weather phenomena becomes increasingly vital. From hurricanes and wildfires to heatwaves and flooding, extreme events are becoming more frequent and intense, posing significant challenges to communities worldwide. We will delve into the scientific evidence and mechanisms behind the escalating frequency and severity of extreme events in a changing climate. How are rising global temperatures, altered precipitation patterns and shifting atmospheric dynamics influencing the occurrence and intensity of extreme weather events? This panel promises to deepen your understanding of the urgent challenges posed by climate change–induced extreme events and inspire collective action toward a more resilient and sustainable future.

  • 02:00pm - 02:30pm (CST) / 18/mar/2024 07:00 pm - 18/mar/2024 07:30 pm

    Measuring Tomorrow's Risks: Quantifying physical risks in a warmer world

    Policy & Regulatory

    As climate change intensifies, understanding and measuring the physical risks associated with changing climate are paramount. With 2023 being the hottest year on record, and the U.S. experiencing extreme weather events costing over $150 billion annually, managing and adapting to physical climate risks is becoming increasingly critical. We have already seen power and other energy infrastructure suffering serious damage due to extreme events such as wildfires and floods. Companies will experience significant financial costs over the coming decades due to physical climate risks, driving the application of new technologies and methodologies to more accurately quantify these risks. How can we start to apply these new technologies and methods to manage physical risk in a warming world?

Tuesday, 19 March

  • 02:30pm - 03:00pm (CST) / 19/mar/2024 07:30 pm - 19/mar/2024 08:00 pm

    Is 1.5 Degree Goal Still Relevant?

    Climate & Sustainability

    That climate is changing is well understood and accepted; however, bending the emissions curve has proven to be far more challenging and the world is on a path to be well above 1.5- and 2-degree C. Is the 1.5 degree C goal helping or getting in the way of finding climate solutions?