• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Margaux Moore


Head of the Energy Transition Group and Venture Capital Investments

Margaux Moore is the Head of Energy Transition Research and Venture Investments at Trafigura, one of the largest physical commodities trading groups in the world. In her role, she assesses the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition, focusing on the evolution of decarbonised transport, the integration of renewables and storage in power generation and the adoption of carbon capture and utilisation. This includes studying the potential of hydrogen, with the aim to develop and accelerate the commercial adoption of the molecule across the spectrum of Trafigura’s activities in trading, logistics and retail fuelling. Margaux also leads the Group’s internal power ventures fund, investing in disruptive technologies and businesses in the energy transition. She joined Trafigura in 2015 as a graduate having starting her career as a metals operator in Latin America and Singapore. She holds a BSc in International Management from the Warwick Business School.

Sessions With Margaux Moore

Monday, 18 March

  • 01:00pm - 01:30pm (CST) / 18/mar/2024 06:00 pm - 18/mar/2024 06:30 pm

    Hydrogen as a Global Market Driver


    The global hydrogen market is expanding, driven by increased demand for low-carbon and sustainable solutions. This expansion encompasses various forms of hydrogen, including green hydrogen produced from renewable sources, blue hydrogen with carbon capture and storage and other low-carbon options. How are countries working together to establish a global market economy? Which country’s energy policies are providing the most conducive environment for development? Will the momentum and interest in hydrogen continue long enough to establish hydrogen as the leader in the global energy landscape?