• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Marcos Jacinto


Chief Technology Officer

Marcos Jacinto is the Chief Technological Officer at Geowellex, with experience as a Data Geoscientist and Machine Learning Engineer. He specializes in developing, managing, and monitoring Machine Learning (ML) applications tailored for reservoir characterization, fluid analysis, and drilling optimization used in real-time while drilling. His academic background includes a Master of Science in Geodynamics and Geophysics, a Bachelor of Science in Geology, complemented by an MBA focusing on Cloud Engineering & Architecture. Marcos has authored several technical papers for conferences, such as EAGE and ADIPEC. These works, presented at conferences globally, delve into a range of subjects including Machine Learning, MLOps, and Explainable AI.

Sessions With Marcos Jacinto

Tuesday, 19 March

  • 05:00pm - 05:30pm (CST) / 19/mar/2024 10:00 pm - 19/mar/2024 10:30 pm

    Geowellex | Integrated Surface Logging & Real-Time Data Analytics

    We will present our technological solutions and services for real-time formation evaluation, AI - automated geological and drilling data analysis, data integration and cost reduction in drilling operations. Unlock the power of mud logging and cuttings data for the most accurate and reliable analysis, reducing costs with logging and laboratory analyses.