• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Igor Martin


Chief Executive Officer

Igor Martin is the CEO of Hydromea, a Swiss-based underwater communication and robotics company that is poised to disrupt remote data management of submerged assets condition, significantly reducing the cost and carbon footprint of underwater asset monitoring in the energy industry, while making it safe. Igor is an entrepreneur with over 20 years global experience of leading a variety of business lines in an entrepreneurial and Fortune 100 environments.

Sessions With Igor Martin

Wednesday, 20 March

  • 09:00am - 09:30am (CST) / 20/mar/2024 02:00 pm - 20/mar/2024 02:30 pm

    Hydromea | The Internet of Underwater Things

    The integrity assurance of submerged assets today is a highly inefficient process: it is costly, polluting and unsafe. Hydromea develops a vertically-integrated solution aimed at affordable and continuous data flow from the subsea assets to the cloud. Edge computing, bespoke communication technologies and portable subsea robotics all come together in a seamless platform to deliver asset integrity data to the digital twin platform.