• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Gary Ong

Celadyne Technologies

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

“Keep calm and Gary Ong.” I and the founder and CEO of Celadyne Technologies, where we are accelerating the hydrogen transition with a focus on industrial applications. I have a Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from the University of California, Berkeley. I got my start at the Sputnik Accelerator, and as a fellow at the Chain Reactions Innovations program at Argonne National Laboratory. I was born in Malaysia and was first inspired to tackle climate change having seen rapid deforestation of rainforest. I like puns.

Sessions With Gary Ong

Wednesday, 20 March

  • 03:30pm - 04:00pm (CST) / 20/mar/2024 08:30 pm - 20/mar/2024 09:00 pm

    Celadyne Technologies | Materials for Durable Trucking and Cheap Green Hydrogen

    Celadyne is a startup commercializing advanced materials for proton exchange membrane fuel cells and electrolyzers. Here, we will present our drop-in innovation that quintuples the durability of fuel cells and improves the efficiency of electrolyzers to reduce the cost of hydrogen production.