• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024
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Decarbonization Pathways

✓Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS)
✓Nature Based Solutions
✓Adaptation and Physical Risk
✓Emissions Measurement Technologies
✓Sustainability, Resiliency and Preparedness
✓Low Carbon Initiatives
✓Decarbonizing the Industrial Sector
✓Emissions Abatement Technologies
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Digital Transformation

✓Big Data and Predictive Analytics
✓Robotics and Remote Operations
✓Digital Twin Technologies
✓AI & ML
✓Cloud Computing
✓Industrial IoT
✓Cybersecurity and Risk
✓A/R and V/R
✓Agile Design
✓Quantum Computing Technologies
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Clean Power

✓Hydrogen, Sustainable Gas, and Biofuels
✓Big Data and Predictive Analytics
✓Battery Storage Technologies
✓Next Generation Solar and Wind
✓Advanced Nuclear (SMR) Technology
✓Microgrids and Grid Integration
✓Fusion Generation
✓New Energy Supply Chain
✓Emerging Renewable Technologies
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Mobility and the Built Environment

✓Future of Autonomous Vehicles
✓EVs – Adoption, Charging, and Batteries
✓Electrification Beyond Passenger Cars
✓Energy Efficient Buildings
✓Autonomous Vehicles Technologies
✓5G, Connected Cars, and Mobility Technologies
✓Cities and Urban Centers of the Future
✓The New Future of Mobility
✓The Innovative Built Environment 
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Innovation and Digital Workforce

✓Models of Innovation
✓Digital Workforce of the Future
✓Investment and Funding for Innovation
✓Ocean Innovation and Sustainability
✓Retraining for the Energy Transition
✓Energy Innovation Ecosystems
✓Diversity and Inclusion
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New Models of Finance and Investment

✓Special Purpose Acquisition Corps (SPACs)
✓Clean Tech and Energy M&A
✓Institutional Investing in Clean Technology
✓Investment models for the Power Grid
✓Financing oil and gas in the Clean Tech era
✓Investments in Energy Transition
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