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Tony Calandra



Karl A. (Tony) Calandra, is group President of Frank Calandra Inc. and Calandra Group, LLC.  The group of companies include JENNMAR, J-LOK, JENNCHEM, JM STEEL, FALCON DRILLING, Five Star Roll Form, BCI Steel, JENNMAR CIVIL, JM Conveyors, XCAL TOOLS, XCAL IINDUSTRIES, and JENNMAR SERVICES.  Tony's company's touch a broad sectors of industries: Mining, Infustrucutre, Solar, Oil & Gas, Forrestry, and Manufactering.  Collectively he employees over 4,000 people. Tony has 20 plus years in industry and joined the group of companies in 2002.  Prior to joining FCI/Calandra Group, he was a Senior Accountant at Ernst & Young.  Tony graduated from Bucknell Univeristy and recieved his MBA from Waynesburg College in 2009. He is on the board of National Mining Association and PA Coal Association.  Tony is also on the boards of Rocbolt Resins Australia, Chairmen of the Boards of Jennmar Australia and Jennmar Canada.  He collectively owns and operates 20 manufactering entities in the U.S., 4 in Australia, 1 in Canada and China.

Sessions With Tony Calandra

Wednesday, 8 March

  • 04:05pm - 04:45pm (CST) / 08/mar/2023 10:05 pm - 08/mar/2023 10:45 pm

    Coal in the Energy Transition

    Amid heightened concerns about energy reliability and resilience, coal has maintained a critical place in the global fuel mix. In fact, demand for coal is at a record level. Major questions include how an industry and infrastructure under pressure will meet ongoing global coal requirements and the strategies needed to overcome the impediments to producing an adequate supply. What are the available sources of capital? Is labor and equipment available given an uncertain future?