Thomas Earl

Venture Global Marketing LLC

Chief Commercial Officer

Tom Earl is the Chief Commercial Officer of Venture Global LNG. Mr. Earl previously served as Vice President at the international oil company Total, focusing on the development of its global LNG business. He joined Total’s newly formed gas marketing and trading team in 1998. Mr. Earl held various responsibilities within the trading division of the newly combined Total, Elf, and Petrofina operations. Later he managed the natural gas option desk and gas trading desk. In 2006 Mr. Earl was appointed Head of Electricity Trading at Total, where he led a significant expansion into newly opened power markets across Europe. In 2011 Mr. Earl moved to Houston, where he was appointed as the head of Total’s North America commodity trading business, including its LNG, gas, power, coal, petcoke, and LPG operations. He also represented Total in its US LNG liquefaction transactions from 2012 to 2015. In 2015 Mr. Earl was appointed Vice President of Development for Total’s global LNG activities. He holds a degree from City University in London, United Kingdom.