Tasnim Al Mzaini

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

Manager, Value Chain Optimization & Analytics Department

Tasnim Al Mzaini the Head of ADNOC’s Value Chain Optimization and Analytics Department. Previously, Ms. Al Mzaini served as Operations Engineer at ADNOC Gas Processing. She was a core member in the creation of ADNOC’s Panorama Digital Project, which is now operational, demonstrating the company’s comprehensive approach toward big data and optimization. Ms. Al Mzaini holds a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering, a Master of Laws degree in international business law from the Université Paris-Sorbonne, and an Executive MBA from the University of Cambridge.

Sessions With Tasnim Al Mzaini

Tuesday, 2 March

  • 12:30pm - 01:00pm (CST) / 02/mar/2021 06:30 pm - 02/mar/2021 07:00 pm

    Agora Studio

    Agora Studio: Digital Twins: What impact across the full oil & gas value chain?

    Panel Downstream/Midstream/Chemicals Digitalization Upstream Oil & Gas Gas & LNG
    The Digital Twin (a virtual, dynamic, and integrated representation of a physical asset or process over its life cycle) is one of the latest digital technologies attracting significant industry attention. Yet, most Digital Twins in operation in E&P today focus on one or more discrete asset functions (e.g., drilling, maintenance, production). IHS Markit records very few attempts to capture the entire asset in a Digital Twin. What is hampering industry-wide adoption? How are Digital Twins driving integration across functional groups and across the E&P lifecycle? What are emerging technical and organizational challenges that may impede value realization and sustainment?