Robert Schuetzle


Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Robert is the CEO and founder of Infinium Holdings, which was founded in 2020 from parent company Greyrock. After leading Greyrock for more than a decade, Robert created Infinium, an electrofuels innovation company focused on decarbonizing the world using proprietary catalyst technologies to produce ultra-low carbon alternative fuels. Robert’s prior experience includes leadership roles at Synterra, a biomass to liquids platform; Sunexus, a solar reforming technology funded by the US Department of Energy; the Renewable Energy Institute International; and early roles at technology leaders EMC and Accenture. Robert holds a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan and a computer engineering specialty from the University of New South Wales. He has been awarded multiple patents and is a widely published expert in the cleantech space.

Sessions With Robert Schuetzle