Prakash Karunakaran


Head, NervCentre

Prakash Kumar Karunakaran is the Head of NervCentre at PETRONAS. NervCentre leads the Tech-Digital convergence at the PETRONAS group of companies. Under his leadership, NervCentre has been able to successfully achieve this convergence, while simultaneously developing Tech-Digital skills, approaches, and mindsets, necessary to deliver real value at pace. Prakash has a passion in the discipline of Advanced Automation that has spanned almost 3 decades. It was this passion that saw him appointed as the Group Technical Authority of his discipline, after several years working in the field. It was also this passion that made it a natural transition from leading groupwide Advanced Automation to starting NervCentre and leading groupwide Tech-Digital convergence. As head of NervCentre, he led the first successful plant Advanced Analytics programme, creating a sizable impact on operating margin, while significantly reducing emissions. In addition, Prakash leads the Enterprise Digital Twin programme, the Remote and Autonomous Operations programme, Capital Projects Engineering reshaping initiatives and many other game-changing initiatives.

Sessions With Prakash Karunakaran

Monday, 7 March