Kenneth Medlock

Rice University

James A. Baker, III, and Susan G. Baker Fellow in Energy and Resource Economics, Baker Institute and Senior Director, Center for Energy Studies

Kenneth B. Medlock III, Ph.D., is the James A. Baker, III, and Susan G. Baker Fellow in Energy and Resource Economics and senior director of the Baker Institute Center for Energy Studies. He is also director of the Master of Energy Economics Program and supervises Ph.D. students. Medlock holds adjunct appointments in the departments of Economics and Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rice University, and is chair of the Energy and Environment Initiative’s faculty advisory board. He is a principal developer of the Rice World Gas Trade Model, and has published numerous scholarly articles on global energy issues. Medlock is a distinguished fellow at the Institute of Energy Economics, Japan; a fellow at the King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center; and a member of the advisory board of the Payne Institute at Colorado School of Mines. In 2019, Medlock received the Lifetime Achievement Award for the Advancement of the Education of Future Energy Leaders from the Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attiyah Foundation. Medlock has testified multiple times on Capitol Hill on U.S. oil and natural gas exports and geopolitics, has spoken at OPEC, and is frequently asked to speak at venues around the world. He is a past vice president of the U.S. Association for Energy Economics. In 2001, he won (with Ron Soligo) the International Association for Energy Economics Best Paper of the Year in Energy Journal Award. In 2011, he received USAEE’s Senior Fellow Award, and in 2013, he accepted the organization’s Adelman-Frankel Award on behalf of the Center for Energy Studies. Medlock was also the 2012-13 recipient of the prestigious Haydn Williams Fellowship at Curtin University in Perth, Australia. He is a member of the American Economic Association and an academic member of the National Petroleum Council. Medlock received his Ph.D. in economics from Rice University.

Sessions With Kenneth Medlock

Monday, 1 March

  • 01:00pm - 01:30pm (CST) / 01/mar/2021 07:00 pm - 01/mar/2021 07:30 pm

    Agora Studio

    Agora Studio: New Horizons for Energy & Climate Research

    Panel Innovation & Technology Energy Transition/Climate & Sustainability

    The COVID-19 pandemic has made vivid and real the risks of an uncontrolled virus. Risks posed by climate change are also becoming more palpable every day. At the forefront of understanding these risks, universities are developing solutions by connecting science, engineering, business, and public policy disciplines. Along with industry and governments, universities are critical to developing affordable and sustainable solutions to meet the world’s energy needs and achieve net-zero emission goals. Can the dual challenge of more energy and lower emissions be met? What is some of the most promising energy and climate research at universities? Beyond research, what are the roles and responsibilities of universities in the energy transition?