Jennifer Adams

Siemens Energy

Head of Industrial Decarbonization Engineering Applications

Jennifer Adams is the Head of Industrial Decarbonization Engineering Applications for Siemens Energy. In this role, Adams leads the project development activities for new markets focusing on decarbonization and sustainable energy. Previously, Adams was Head of Technology and Engineering for Siemens where she was responsible for the project development activities for LNG projects with oversight and management of LNG project execution and overall technical responsibility of design engineering, planning and coordination of LNG projects. Prior to joining Siemens, Jennifer has 20 years field and office experience working with a large EPC firm in the hydrocarbon industry with 15 years in a leadership role executing major liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects. Adams holds bachelor’s degree in engineering from Texas A&M University. Jennifer Adams has a comprehensive understanding the CCUS industry and keeps abreast of new and emerging technologies, products and market conditions. 

Sessions With Jennifer Adams

Monday, 7 March

  • 02:00pm - 02:45pm (CST) / 07/mar/2022 08:00 pm - 07/mar/2022 08:45 pm

    Siemens Energy | Case for Carbon Capture: Real life strategies for utilizing CCUS in oil & gas

    Workshop Carbon Management/Decarbonization

    Some of the most successful CCUS projects are those where the OEM, technology developer and end-user work together to optimize cycle performance around the operational constraints of the facility. This requires extensive iteration for the compression and associated equipment within the cycle.

    This session will reveal where the most impactful capture opportunities lie and how solutions can be cost-effectively deployed to maximize the range of possible business cases. It will also offer recommendations for successful project execution and touch on some successful applications of CCUS in natural gas- and coal-fired power plants and discuss how they can translate to the oil and gas industry.