Janice Lin

Strategen Consulting & Green Hydrogen Coalition

Founder & CEO

Janice Lin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Strategen, has over two decades of experience in clean energy strategy, market development, and corporate strategy. Ms. Lin uses the Strategen platforms of consulting, association management, and events to achieve measurable global impact in growing the clean energy sector. Through Association Management, she has distinguished herself as a leading clean energy change-maker. Ms. Lin co-founded and, for a decade, served as Executive Director of the California Energy Storage Alliance, where she helped create the world’s most robust energy storage market. Ms. Lin is an internationally recognized thought leader in energy storage and grid decarbonization and won the 2019 Cleanie Award for Entrepreneur of the Year. In 2019, she also launched the Green Hydrogen Coalition, an educational non-profit dedicated to transitioning to a sustainable, carbon-free energy supply with green (renewable) hydrogen.