Fernanda Delgado

FGV Energia

Professor and Researcher

Dr. Fernanda Delgado, Professor and Research Coordinator, FGV Energia, is also an affiliated Professor at the Brazilian Army High Command and War Navy College postgraduate programs, via an agreement with FGV. Dr. Delgado has published two books on Petropolitics. She has professional experience with relevant companies both in Brazil and abroad. At FGV Energia, Dr. Delgado is responsible for coordinating the MBA in management in the oil and gas sector and for research in the areas of oil, gas, biofuels, and energy transition; notably, decommissioning, downstream, low permeability reservoirs, natural gas reserves, energy planning and the geopolitics of energy resources. Dr. Delgado holds a master’s degree and a PhD.

SESSIONS WITH Fernanda Delgado