Fellipe Balieiro

S&P Global

Director of Energy & Mobility, Refining & Marketing

Fellipe Balieiro, Director of Energy and Mobility, Refining and Marketing, S&P Global, primarily leads the development of the Reinventing the Wheel: Mobility and Energy Future multiclient study while also leading the interface with the energy cross-business practice. In this capacity, Mr. Balieiro integrates macroeconomic factors, the energy supply chain, and price forecasts with detailed data, research, and analysis on the automotive market, including vehicle sales, segmentation, powertrains, current and future government policies, and changing consumer demand to understand light-duty vehicle fuel demand. He has also developed and led various refinery operations and economics classes for external classes. Before joining S&P Global, he worked for ExxonMobil with various refining and engineering roles. Mr. Balieiro holds a BS from the University of Maryland Baltimore County and an MBA from the University of Houston.

Sessions With Fellipe Balieiro

Tuesday, 8 March