David M. Adams


Senior Vice President North America Business Transformation

David Adams is Senior Vice President of North America Land Business Transformation, leading the execution of a strategy hyper-focused on efficiency and optimization across the Company. Previously he served as Senior Vice President of Halliburton Global Business Development & Marketing. Mr. Adams joined Halliburton in 1991, advancing through sales, technology, and district management roles. 
In 2008, he became Manager of the Northern Region for the Production Enhancement product service line. In 2010, he became Vice President of Production Enhancement, responsible for general management and strategic leadership. In 2012, Mr. Adams became Vice President of the Australasia Area, Papua New Guinea, and New Zealand. In 2014, he was appointed Vice President of Operations Technology for North America, advancing the Company's lead in technology for clients, suppliers, and institutions. He then served as Senior Vice President of the Company's Completion & Production Division. Mr. Adams holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M University. He is a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers, and serves on the Texas A&M Energy Institute External Advisory Board, the University of Houston Energy Advisory Board, and the Texas A&M Mechanical Engineering Board. 

Sessions With David M. Adams