Conor Kelly

Microsoft Corporation

Sustainability Software Strategy Lead

Conor Kelly drives Sustainability Software strategy in Azure Global. He is focused on developing technology to help Microsoft’s customers address the challenges, and catch the opportunities, of decarbonizing the global economy. Recent projects include software efforts to accelerate Microsoft’s partners in decarbonizing electricity grids, underpinning engagements such as Microsoft’s 24x7 Hourly Renewable Supply deal with Vattenfall, and SSE’s Distributed Solar PPA which put solar on school and hospital buildings. Most recently, Conor’s team have been focused on applying technology to allow Microsoft’s energy industry customers to leverage emerging Methane sensing technologies to more accurately detect and prevent Methane leaks. 

Sessions With Conor Kelly

Monday, 1 March

  • 12:30pm - 12:50pm (CST) / 01/mar/2021 06:30 pm - 01/mar/2021 06:50 pm

    Agora Pod

    Methane Emissions Tracking Through AI & Methane-sensing Technologies

    Presentation Digitalization Innovation & Technology Decarbonization Pathways
    Methane has a climate-warming effect 30-80 times that of CO2. The oil and gas industry is a significant source of methane leaks, which are difficult and expensive to track. Tightening regulations for methane leaks, along with pressure from increasingly influential ESG investment trends are driving a renewed effort to more accurately and quickly detect fugitive methane emissions. With several new methane-sensing technologies, from IoT sensors to satellites, emerging, these options may also fragment a company’s methane-detection program and datasets. Microsoft’s Azure Global Energy team is working with partners on Azure data integration and AI platform capabilities to allow methane programs to leverage multiple emerging methane data sources to more accurately track and prevent methane leaks.