Bruce Rastetter

Summit Agricultural Group

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Rastetter is the founder and CEO of Summit Agricultural Group, a leading agribusiness and renewable energy firm with operations in North and South America. Rastetter has founded and grown a number of successful companies including Heartland Pork, a leading Midwestern pork production company later acquired by Christensen Farms. He also founded Hawkeye Renewables, which became one of the largest corn-based ethanol producers in the United States. Today, Rastetter is founder and controlling shareholder of FS Bioenergia, a Brazilian based biofuels platform that owns the largest and most sustainable ethanol production plant in South America. In addition, Rastetter is an active philanthropist and advisor on a number of public policy issues. Rastetter was previously appointed by Iowa Governor, now Chinese Ambassador, Branstad to the Iowa Board of Regents where he ultimately served as President.

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