Daniel Yergin
Vice Chairman, IHS Markit
Chairman, CERAWeek

Daniel Yergin is a highly respected authority on energy, international politics, and economics. He is Vice Chairman of IHS Markit and cofounded Cambridge Energy Research Associates®. In selecting Dr. Yergin as one of the “hundred people who mattered” worldwide, Time Magazine said, “If there is one man whose opinion matters more than any other on global energy markets, it’s Daniel Yergin.” Fortune said that he is “one of the planet’s foremost thinkers about energy and its implications.”

A Pulitzer Prize winner, Dr. Yergin is the author of the recent bestseller The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World. The Quest has been called “a masterly piece of work” by The Economist and described by the Financial Times as “a triumph.” Dr. Yergin is known around the world for his book The Prize: the Epic Quest for Oil Money and Power, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. It became a number one New York Times best seller and has been translated into 17 languages. Of Dr. Yergin’s book Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy, which has been translated into 13 languages, The Wall Street Journal said, “No one could ask for a better account of the world’s political and economic destiny since World War II.” Both The Prize and Commanding Heights were made into award-winning television documentaries for PBS and BBC.

Dr. Yergin was awarded the United States Energy Award for “lifelong achievements in energy and the promotion of international understanding.” He received the Charles Percy Award for Public Service from the Alliance to Save Energy. The International Association for Energy Economics gave Dr. Yergin its 2012 award for “outstanding contributions to the profession of energy economics and to its literature.” In 2014 India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Yergin serves on the US Secretary of Energy Advisory Board. He is a member of the National Petroleum Council, a trustee of the Brookings Institution, and a director of the United States Energy Association and of the US-Russia Business Council. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative, Singapore’s International Energy Advisory Board, and the Russian Academy of Oil and Gas.

  • HE Khalid A. Al-Falih
    Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources; Chairman of the Board of Directors Saudi Aramco, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
    [Upstream][Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Asia][HE Khalid A. Al-Falih][Minister of Energy, Industry and Mineral Resources; Chairman of the Board of Directors Saudi Aramco][Kingdom of Saudi Arabia][Ministers And Government Official]
  • HE Alexander Novak
    Minister of Energy, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation
    [Keynote/Plenary][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][EMEA][HE Alexander Novak][Minister of Energy][Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Darren Woods
    Chairman & CEO, ExxonMobil
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Darren Woods][Chairman & CEO][ExxonMobil][Featured Speaker]
  • John Watson
    Chairman & CEO, Chevron
    [Upstream][Global Gas/LNG][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Americas][John Watson][Chairman & CEO][Chevron][Featured Speaker]
  • Ben van Beurden
    Chief Executive Officer, Royal Dutch Shell plc
    [Upstream][Energy Markets][Keynote/Plenary][Downstream][Geography][EMEA][Ben van Beurden][Chief Executive Officer][Royal Dutch Shell plc][Featured Speaker]
  • Patrick Pouyanné
    Chairman of the Board & CEO, TOTAL S.A.
    [Global Gas/LNG][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][EMEA][Patrick Pouyanné][Chairman of the Board & CEO][TOTAL S.A.][Featured Speaker]
  • Robert Dudley
    Group Chief Executive, BP plc
    [Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][EMEA][Robert Dudley][Group Chief Executive][BP plc][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo
    Secretary General, OPEC
    [Upstream][Energy Transition: Industry Structure & Strategy][Keynote/Plenary][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][EMEA][HE Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo][Secretary General][OPEC][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Peter Thiel
    Investor and Entrepreneur, Founders Fund
    [Technology & Innovation][Keynote/Plenary][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][Americas][Peter Thiel][Investor and Entrepreneur][Founders Fund][Featured Speaker]
  • Eldar Sætre
    Chief Executive Officer, Statoil
    [Upstream][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][EMEA][Eldar Sætre][Chief Executive Officer][Statoil][Featured Speaker]
  • Vicki Hollub
    President & CEO, Occidental Petroleum Corporation
    [Upstream][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Americas][Vicki Hollub][President & CEO][ Occidental Petroleum Corporation][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber
    Minister of State in the United Arab Emirates, CEO, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)
    [Upstream][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Asia][HE Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber][Minister of State in the United Arab Emirates, CEO][Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)][Featured Speaker]
  • Lisa Murkowski
    Chairman, US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee
    [Keynote/Plenary][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][Americas][Lisa Murkowski][Chairman][US Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Ulrich Spiesshofer
    Chief Executive Officer, ABB Group
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][EMEA][Ulrich Spiesshofer][Chief Executive Officer][ABB Group][Featured Speaker]
  • John Cornyn
    Majority Whip, United States Senate, Texas
    [Upstream][Keynote/Plenary][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][Americas][John Cornyn][Majority Whip, United States Senate][Texas][Featured Speaker]
  • Scott Pruitt
    Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Scott Pruitt][Administrator][U.S. Environmental Protection Agency][Featured Speaker]
  • David Farr
    Chairman & CEO, Emerson
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][David Farr][Chairman & CEO][Emerson][Featured Speaker]
  • Lynn Good
    Chairman, President & CEO, Duke Energy
    [Upstream][Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Keynote/Plenary][IHS Markit Expert][Power/Utilities][Geography][Americas][Lynn Good][Chairman, President & CEO][Duke Energy ][Featured Speaker]
  • Hon. Daniel Sullivan
    United States Senator, Alaska
    [Upstream][Keynote/Plenary][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][Americas][Hon. Daniel Sullivan][United States Senator][Alaska][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Pedro Pizarro
    President & CEO, Edison International
    [Upstream][Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Keynote/Plenary][IHS Markit Expert][Renewables][Geography][Americas][Pedro Pizarro][President & CEO][Edison International][Featured Speaker]
  • Pedro Parente
    President, Petrobras
    [Upstream][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Americas][Pedro Parente][President][Petrobras][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Shri Dharmendra Pradhan
    Minister of State - Independent Charge, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, India
    [Upstream][Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Global Gas/LNG][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][Asia][HE Shri Dharmendra Pradhan][Minister of State - Independent Charge][Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas, India][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Isabelle Kocher
    Chief Executive Officer, Engie
    [Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Keynote/Plenary][Renewables][Geography][EMEA][Isabelle Kocher][Chief Executive Officer][Engie][Featured Speaker]
  • R.A. Walker
    Chairman, President & CEO, Anadarko
    [Upstream][Global Gas/LNG][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Americas][R.A. Walker][Chairman, President & CEO][Anadarko][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu
    Honorable Minister of State, Petroleum Resources, Federal Republic of Nigeria
    [Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Keynote/Plenary][Government/Academia/NGO][HE Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu][Honorable Minister of State, Petroleum Resources][Federal Republic of Nigeria][Ministers And Government Official]
  • HE Jabar Ali al-Luaibi
    Minister of Oil, Republic of Iraq
    [Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Asia][HE Jabar Ali al-Luaibi][Minister of Oil][Republic of Iraq][Featured Speaker]
  • Lisa Davis
    CEO Global Energy & Member of the Managing Board, Siemens AG
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Lisa Davis][CEO Global Energy & Member of the Managing Board][Siemens AG][Featured Speaker]
  • Jean-Bernard Lévy
    CEO & Chairman, Électricité de France (EDF)
    [Upstream][Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Keynote/Plenary][IHS Markit Expert][Power/Utilities][Geography][EMEA][Jean-Bernard Lévy][CEO & Chairman][Électricité de France (EDF)][Featured Speaker]
  • Hon. Maroš Šefčovič
    VP of the European Commission, Energy Union
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Keynote/Plenary][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][EMEA][Hon. Maroš Šefčovič][VP of the European Commission][Energy Union][Featured Speaker]
  • Harold Hamm
    Chairman & CEO, Continental Resources, Inc.
    [Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Americas][Harold Hamm][Chairman & CEO][Continental Resources, Inc.][Featured Speaker]
  • John Hess
    Chief Executive Officer, Hess Corporation
    [Technology & Innovation][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][John Hess][Chief Executive Officer][Hess Corporation][Featured Speaker]
  • Osmar Abib
    Managing Director, Global Head of Oil & Gas, Credit Suisse
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Osmar Abib][Managing Director, Global Head of Oil & Gas][Credit Suisse][Featured Speaker]
  • Steve Bolze
    President & CEO, GE Power
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Keynote/Plenary][Power/Utilities][Geography][Americas][Steve Bolze][President & CEO][GE Power][Featured Speaker]
  • Peter Terium
    Chief Executive Officer, innogy SE
    [Upstream][Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Technology & Innovation][Keynote/Plenary][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Renewables][Geography][EMEA][Peter Terium][Chief Executive Officer][innogy SE][Featured Speaker]
  • Hon. Jesse Norman MP
    Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Minister for Energy and Industry, United Kingdom
    [Keynote/Plenary][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][EMEA][Hon. Jesse Norman MP][Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Minister for Energy and Industry][United Kingdom][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Patricia Espinosa
    Executive Secretary , United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Keynote/Plenary][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][EMEA][Patricia Espinosa][Executive Secretary ][United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)][Featured Speaker]
  • Fatih Birol
    Executive Director, International Energy Agency
    [Upstream][Energy Transition: Industry Structure & Strategy][Keynote/Plenary][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][EMEA][Fatih Birol][Executive Director][International Energy Agency][Featured Speaker]
  • Scott Sheffield
    Executive Chairman & CEO, Pioneer Natural Resources
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Scott Sheffield][Executive Chairman & CEO][Pioneer Natural Resources ][Featured Speaker]
  • Roger Jenkins
    President & CEO, Murphy Oil Corporation
    [Downstream & Midstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Americas][Roger Jenkins][President & CEO][Murphy Oil Corporation][Speaker]
  • Keisuke Kuroki
    President, JOGMEC
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Asia][Keisuke Kuroki][President][JOGMEC][Featured Speaker]
  • Hon. James Musoni
    Minister of Infrastructure, Rwanda
    [Downstream & Midstream][Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Government/Academia/NGO][Hon. James Musoni][Minister of Infrastructure][Rwanda][Ministers And Government Official]
  • HE Dr. Yuval Steinitz
    Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy & Water Resources, Israel
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Asia][HE Dr. Yuval Steinitz][Minister of National Infrastructures, Energy & Water Resources][Israel][Featured Speaker]
  • Charif Souki
    Chairman of the Board, Tellurian
    [Global Gas/LNG][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Americas][Charif Souki][Chairman of the Board][Tellurian ][Featured Speaker]
  • Yuji Kakimi
    President, JERA Co., Inc.
    [Upstream][Global Gas/LNG][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Asia][Yuji Kakimi][President][JERA Co., Inc.][Featured Speaker]
  • Robert Lawler
    President, CEO & Director, Chesapeake Energy Corporation
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Americas][Robert Lawler][President, CEO & Director][Chesapeake Energy Corporation][Featured Speaker]
  • Ryan Lance
    Chairman & CEO, ConocoPhillips
    [Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Americas][Ryan Lance][Chairman & CEO][ConocoPhillips][Featured Speaker]
  • Jean-Pascal Tricoire
    Chairman & CEO, Schneider Electric
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Asia][Jean-Pascal Tricoire][Chairman & CEO][Schneider Electric][Featured Speaker]
  • Marcel van Poecke
    Managing Director & Head of Energy Partnership, Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP)
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][EMEA][Marcel van Poecke][Managing Director & Head of Energy Partnership][Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP)][Featured Speaker]
  • Mario Mehren
    Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors, Wintershall Holding GmbH
    [Upstream][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][EMEA][Mario Mehren][Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors][Wintershall Holding GmbH][Featured Speaker]
  • Thomas Fanning
    Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer, Southern Company
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Keynote/Plenary][Power/Utilities][Geography][Americas][Thomas Fanning][Chairman, President & Chief Executive Officer][Southern Company][Featured Speaker]
  • Mohamed Al Hammadi
    Chief Executive Officer, Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)
    [Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Asia][Mohamed Al Hammadi][Chief Executive Officer][Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC)][Featured Speaker]
  • Hon. James Gordon Carr
    Minister of Natural Resources, Canada
    [Keynote/Plenary][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][Americas][Hon. James Gordon Carr][Minister of Natural Resources][Canada][Featured Speaker]
  • Hirohide Hirai
    Director-General, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Asia][Hirohide Hirai][Director-General][Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Japan][Speaker]
  • Hon. Chandima Weerakkody
    Minister of Petroleum Resources Development, Sri Lanka
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][Asia][Hon. Chandima Weerakkody][Minister of Petroleum Resources Development][Sri Lanka][Speaker]
  • Alexander Medvedev
    Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom
    [Upstream][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][EMEA][Alexander Medvedev][Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee][Gazprom][Featured Speaker]
  • Hon. Rachel Notley
    Premier of Alberta, Government of Alberta
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Keynote/Plenary][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][Americas][Hon. Rachel Notley][Premier of Alberta][Government of Alberta][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Jeff Ventura
    Chairman, President & CEO, Range Resources
    [Upstream][Global Gas/LNG][Keynote/Plenary][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Americas][Jeff Ventura][Chairman, President & CEO][Range Resources][Featured Speaker]
  • Gregory Goff
    Chairman, President & CEO, Tesoro Corporation
    [Downstream & Midstream][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Gregory Goff][Chairman, President & CEO][Tesoro Corporation][Featured Speaker]
  • Andrew Liveris
    Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, The Dow Chemical Company
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Andrew Liveris][Chairman & Chief Executive Officer][The Dow Chemical Company][Featured Speaker]
  • Joe Kaeser
    President & CEO, Siemens AG
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][EMEA][Joe Kaeser][President & CEO][Siemens AG][Featured Speaker]
  • HE Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei
    Minister of Energy, United Arab Emirates
    [Upstream][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Asia][HE Suhail Mohamed Al Mazrouei][Minister of Energy][United Arab Emirates][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Miguel Gutiérrez
    Chairman, YPF S.A.
    [Technology & Innovation][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Miguel Gutiérrez][Chairman][YPF S.A.][Featured Speaker]
  • José Antonio González Anaya
    Director General, PEMEX
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][José Antonio González Anaya][Director General][PEMEX][Featured Speaker]
  • Bernard Looney
    Chief Executive, Upstream, BP plc
    [Global Gas/LNG][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][EMEA][Bernard Looney][Chief Executive, Upstream][BP plc][Featured Speaker]
  • Vadim Yakovlev
    Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, First Deputy CEO Upstream, Gazprom Neft
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][EMEA][Vadim Yakovlev][Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, First Deputy CEO Upstream][Gazprom Neft ][Featured Speaker]
  • James Fitterling
    President & Chief Operating Officer, The Dow Chemical Company
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][James Fitterling][President & Chief Operating Officer][The Dow Chemical Company][Featured Speaker]
  • Musabbeh Al Kaabi
    Chief Executive Officer, Mubadala Petroleum
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Asia][Musabbeh Al Kaabi][Chief Executive Officer][Mubadala Petroleum][Featured Speaker]
  • Jaime Francisco Hernández Martínez
    Chief Executive Officer , Comisión Federal de Electricidad
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Jaime Francisco Hernández Martínez][Chief Executive Officer ][Comisión Federal de Electricidad][Featured Speaker]
  • Meghan O’Sullivan
    Kirkpatrick Professor of the Practice of International Affairs; Director of the Geopolitics of Energy Project, Harvard University Kennedy School
    [Technology & Innovation][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Meghan O’Sullivan][Kirkpatrick Professor of the Practice of International Affairs; Director of the Geopolitics of Energy Project][Harvard University Kennedy School][Featured Speaker]
  • Greg Scheu
    President, Americas Region, ABB Group
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Greg Scheu][President, Americas Region][ABB Group][Featured Speaker]
  • Edward Monser
    President, Emerson
    [Energy Markets][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Edward Monser][President][Emerson][Featured Speaker]
  • Ashok Belani
    Executive Vice President Technology, Schlumberger Limited
    [Technology & Innovation][Keynote/Plenary][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Oil & Gas – E&P][Technology][Geography][Americas][Ashok Belani][Executive Vice President Technology][Schlumberger Limited][Featured Speaker]
  • Anatol Feygin
    Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Cheniere
    [Global Gas/LNG][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Anatol Feygin][Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer][Cheniere][Featured Speaker]
  • Robert Armstrong
    Director, MIT Energy Initiative, Chevron Professor of Chemical Engineering, MIT
    [Technology & Innovation][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Robert Armstrong][Director, MIT Energy Initiative, Chevron Professor of Chemical Engineering][MIT][Featured Speaker]
  • Richard Newell
    President & CEO, Resources for the Future (RFF)
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Richard Newell][President & CEO][Resources for the Future (RFF)][Speaker]
  • Bryan Sheffield
    Chairman & CEO, Parsley Energy
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Bryan Sheffield][Chairman & CEO][Parsley Energy][Featured Speaker]
  • B. Ashok
    Chairman, Chairman, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL)
    [Downstream & Midstream][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Asia][B. Ashok][Chairman][Chairman, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL)][Featured Speaker]
  • Laurence Tubiana
    Chief Executive Officer, European Climate Foundation
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Keynote/Plenary][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][EMEA][Laurence Tubiana][Chief Executive Officer][European Climate Foundation][Featured Speaker]
  • Datuk Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin
    President & Group CEO, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)
    [Global Gas/LNG][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Asia][Datuk Wan Zulkiflee Wan Ariffin][President & Group CEO][Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)][Featured Speaker]
  • Ignacio S. Galán
    Chairman & CEO, Iberdrola
    [Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Keynote/Plenary][Renewables][Geography][EMEA][Ignacio S. Galán][Chairman & CEO][Iberdrola][Featured Speaker]
  • Lawrence Burns
    Business Advisor; Former General Motors Corporate Vice President of R&D & Planning
    [Keynote/Plenary][Technology][Transportation][Business Services/Consulting][Geography][Americas][Lawrence Burns][Business Advisor; Former General Motors Corporate Vice President of R&D & Planning][Featured Speaker]
  • Al Monaco
    President & CEO, Enbridge
    [Keynote/Plenary][Power/Utilities][Geography][Americas][Al Monaco][President & CEO][Enbridge][Featured Speaker]
  • Mike Loya
    President, Vitol Inc.; Director, Vitol Group, Vitol
    [Downstream & Midstream][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Mike Loya][President, Vitol Inc.; Director, Vitol Group][Vitol][Featured Speaker]
  • Steve Pastor
    President Operations, Petroleum, BHP Billiton
    [Upstream][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Steve Pastor][President Operations, Petroleum][BHP Billiton][Featured Speaker]
  • Tas Anvaripour
    Partner, Energy Infrastructures, The Abraaj Group
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][EMEA][Tas Anvaripour][Partner, Energy Infrastructures][The Abraaj Group][Featured Speaker]
  • Nicholas Eberstadt
    Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy, American Enterprise Institute
    [Technology & Innovation][Keynote/Plenary][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][Americas][Nicholas Eberstadt][Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy][American Enterprise Institute][Featured Speaker]
  • Rachel Kyte
    Chief Executive Officer and Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL)
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Rachel Kyte][Chief Executive Officer and Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General][Sustainable Energy for All (SEforALL)][Featured Speaker]
  • Samer Al-Ashgar
    President, KAPSARC
    [Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Asia][Samer Al-Ashgar][President][KAPSARC][Speaker]
  • Maria Korsnick
    President & CEO, Nuclear Energy Institute
    [Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Maria Korsnick][President & CEO][Nuclear Energy Institute][Featured Speaker]
  • Jonah Goldman
    Senior Advisor, Public Affairs, Breakthrough Energy Ventures
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Jonah Goldman][Senior Advisor, Public Affairs][Breakthrough Energy Ventures][Featured Speaker]
  • David Keith
    Mitsui Career Development Professor & Assistant Professor of System Dynamics, MIT
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][David Keith][Mitsui Career Development Professor & Assistant Professor of System Dynamics][MIT][Featured Speaker]
  • Una-May O’Reilly
    Principal Research Scientist, MIT
    [Technology & Innovation][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Una-May O’Reilly][Principal Research Scientist][MIT][Featured Speaker]
  • Michael Strano
    Carbon P. Dubbs Professor in Chemical Engineering, MIT
    [Technology & Innovation][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Michael Strano][Carbon P. Dubbs Professor in Chemical Engineering][MIT][Featured Speaker]
  • Troy Van Voorhis
    Haslam and Dewey Professor of Chemistry, MIT
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Troy Van Voorhis][Haslam and Dewey Professor of Chemistry][MIT][Featured Speaker]
  • Maria Zuber
    Vice President for Research, MIT
    [Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Maria Zuber][Vice President for Research][MIT][Featured Speaker]
  • Guillermo Luis Achá
    President & CEO, Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB)
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Americas][Guillermo Luis Achá][President & CEO][Yacimientos Petroliferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB)][Speaker]
  • Qasem Al Kayoumi
    Manager, ADNOC Technical Centre, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company
    [Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Asia][Qasem Al Kayoumi][Manager, ADNOC Technical Centre][Abu Dhabi National Oil Company][Speaker]
  • Abdul Munim Saif Al Kindy
    Exploration, Development & Production Director, ADNOC
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Abdul Munim Saif Al Kindy][Exploration, Development & Production Director][ADNOC][Speaker]
  • Ibrahim Al-Muhanna
    Adviser to the Oil Minister, Saudi Oil Ministry
    [Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Ibrahim Al-Muhanna][Adviser to the Oil Minister][Saudi Oil Ministry][Speaker]
  • Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi
    Chief Executive Officer, Masdar
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Asia][Mohamed Jameel Al Ramahi][Chief Executive Officer][Masdar][Speaker]
  • Bakheet Al-Rashidi
    President & CEO, Kuwait Petroleum International
    [Downstream & Midstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Bakheet Al-Rashidi][President & CEO][Kuwait Petroleum International][Speaker]
  • Nabilah Al-Tunisi
    Chief Engineer, Saudi Aramco
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Nabilah Al-Tunisi][Chief Engineer][Saudi Aramco][Speaker]
  • Pedro Alvarez
    George R. Brown Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering & Director, NSF ERC on Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment (NEWT), Rice University
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Pedro Alvarez][George R. Brown Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering & Director, NSF ERC on Nanotechnology Enabled Water Treatment (NEWT)][Rice University][Speaker]
  • Lak Ananth
    Managing Partner, next47, Siemens
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Lak Ananth][Managing Partner, next47][Siemens][Speaker]
  • Alex Archila
    Asset President Shale, BHP Billiton
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Alex Archila][Asset President Shale][BHP Billiton][Speaker]
  • Federico Arisi Rota
    EVP Americas , Eni
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Federico Arisi Rota][EVP Americas ][Eni][Speaker]
  • Matt Arnold
    Managing Director & Global Head of Sustainable Finance, JPMorgan Chase & Co.
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Matt Arnold][Managing Director & Global Head of Sustainable Finance][JPMorgan Chase & Co.][Speaker]
  • Atul Arya
    Senior Vice President and Business Leader, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Geography][Americas][Atul Arya][Senior Vice President and Business Leader, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Manu Asthana
    President, Direct Energy Home
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Manu Asthana][President][Direct Energy Home][Speaker]
  • Aydin Babakhani
    Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rice University
    [Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Aydin Babakhani][Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering][Rice University][Speaker]
  • Lars Christian Bacher
    Executive Vice President, Development & Production International (DPI), Statoil
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Lars Christian Bacher][Executive Vice President, Development & Production International (DPI)][Statoil][Speaker]
  • Toby Baker
    Commissioner, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality
    [Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Toby Baker][Commissioner][Texas Commission on Environmental Quality][Speaker]
  • James Bellingham
    Director, Center of Marine Robotics, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][James Bellingham][Director, Center of Marine Robotics][Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution][Speaker]
  • Linda Blair
    President & CEO, ITC Holdings Corp.
    [Energy Transition: Industry Structure & Strategy][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Linda Blair][President & CEO][ITC Holdings Corp.][Speaker]
  • Paul Bonner
    Vice President of Consulting & Analytics, Honeywell Connected Plant Division
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Paul Bonner][Vice President of Consulting & Analytics][Honeywell Connected Plant Division][Speaker]
  • Tom Bonny
    Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, Energy, Accenture
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Tom Bonny][Managing Director, Accenture Strategy, Energy][Accenture][Speaker]
  • Jason Bordoff
    Professor of Professional Practice and Founding Director, Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University
    [Downstream & Midstream][Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Jason Bordoff][Professor of Professional Practice and Founding Director][Center on Global Energy Policy at Columbia University][Speaker]
  • Peter Botten
    Managing Director, Oil Search
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][EMEA][Peter Botten][Managing Director][Oil Search][Speaker]
  • Nabil Bourisli
    Managing Director, International Marketing, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Nabil Bourisli][Managing Director, International Marketing][Kuwait Petroleum Corporation][Speaker]
  • Eric Bradley
    Senior Vice President, Engie North America, Engie
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Eric Bradley][Senior Vice President, Engie North America][Engie][Speaker]
  • Jürgen Brandes
    CEO Process Industries & Drives Division, Siemens
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Jürgen Brandes][CEO Process Industries & Drives Division][Siemens][Speaker]
  • Marcene Broadwater
    Global Head, Strategy and Business Development, International Finance Corporation
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Marcene Broadwater][Global Head, Strategy and Business Development][International Finance Corporation][Speaker]
  • Dick Brown
    President & CEO, Ferus
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Dick Brown][President & CEO][Ferus][Speaker]
  • Marcos Browne
    Executive Vice President of Gas & Energy, YPF S.A.
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Marcos Browne][Executive Vice President of Gas & Energy][YPF S.A.][Speaker]
  • Mark Brownstein
    Vice President, Climate & Energy, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Mark Brownstein][Vice President, Climate & Energy][Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)][Speaker]
  • James Burkhard
    Chief Researcher, Global Oil Markets & Energy Scenarios, Energy; CERAWeek Vice Chairman, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][James Burkhard][Chief Researcher, Global Oil Markets & Energy Scenarios, Energy; CERAWeek Vice Chairman][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Carolyn Burke
    Executive Vice President, Strategy, Dynegy Inc.
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Power/Utilities][Americas][Carolyn Burke][Executive Vice President, Strategy][Dynegy Inc.][Speaker]
  • Jin-Yong Cai
    Partner, TPG Capital
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Financial Services][Geography][Asia][Jin-Yong Cai][Partner][TPG Capital][Speaker]
  • Doris Capurro
    President & CEO, LUFT Energia
    [Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Doris Capurro][President & CEO][LUFT Energia][Speaker]
  • Atanu Chakraborty
    Directorate General of Hydrocarbons, India Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Atanu Chakraborty][Directorate General of Hydrocarbons][India Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas][Speaker]
  • Vivek Chidambaram
    Managing Director, Global Digital Lead, Accenture Strategy Energy
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Vivek Chidambaram][Managing Director, Global Digital Lead][Accenture Strategy Energy][Speaker]
  • Hon. Tawfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury, BB
    Energy Adviser (Minister) to the Prime Minister for Energy, Power & Mineral Resources, Bangladesh
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][Asia][Hon. Tawfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury, BB][Energy Adviser (Minister) to the Prime Minister for Energy, Power & Mineral Resources][Bangladesh][Speaker]
  • Tonye Cole
    Executive Director & Co-Founder, Sahara Group Limited
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Tonye Cole][Executive Director & Co-Founder][Sahara Group Limited][Speaker]
  • Helen Currie
    Senior Economist, ConocoPhillips
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Helen Currie][Senior Economist][ConocoPhillips][Speaker]
  • Spencer Dale
    Group Chief Economist, BP plc
    [Downstream & Midstream][Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][EMEA][Spencer Dale][Group Chief Economist][BP plc][Speaker]
  • Edward Daniels
    Executive Vice President, Commercial & New Business Development, Shell International Exploration and Production B.V.
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Edward Daniels][Executive Vice President, Commercial & New Business Development][Shell International Exploration and Production B.V.][Speaker]
  • Bertrand Deroubaix
    Senior Vice President Public Affairs, TOTAL
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Bertrand Deroubaix][Senior Vice President Public Affairs][TOTAL][Speaker]
  • Isabel dos Santos
    Presidente do Conselho de Administracao da Sonangol (CEO), Sonangol Group
    [Energy Transition: Industry Structure & Strategy][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Isabel dos Santos][Presidente do Conselho de Administracao da Sonangol (CEO)][Sonangol Group][Speaker]
  • Michael Dudas
    Partner, Vertical Research Partners
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Michael Dudas][Partner][Vertical Research Partners][Speaker]
  • Frank Duggan
    President, AMEA Region, ABB Group
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Frank Duggan][President, AMEA Region][ABB Group][Speaker]
  • Charles Ebinger
    Senior Fellow , Atlantic Council
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Charles Ebinger][Senior Fellow ][Atlantic Council][Speaker]
  • Juan Carlos Echeverry
    Chief Executive Officer, Ecopetrol S.A.
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Juan Carlos Echeverry][Chief Executive Officer][Ecopetrol S.A.][Speaker]
  • Jeff Edwards
    General Manager, Global Gas & LNG Market Development, Shell Trading and Supply
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Jeff Edwards][General Manager, Global Gas & LNG Market Development][Shell Trading and Supply][Speaker]
  • Jody Elliott
    President Oil and Gas, Domestic, Occidental Petroleum Corporation
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Jody Elliott][President Oil and Gas, Domestic][Occidental Petroleum Corporation][Speaker]
  • Claudio Facchin
    President, Power Grids Division, ABB Group
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][EMEA][Claudio Facchin][President, Power Grids Division][ABB Group][Speaker]
  • Judy Fairburn
    Executive Vice President, Business Innovation , Cenovus Energy Inc.
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Judy Fairburn][Executive Vice President, Business Innovation ][Cenovus Energy Inc.][Speaker]
  • H. Ghanimi Fard
    Head, Petroleum Studies Department, OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)
    [Downstream & Midstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Government/Academia/NGO][Geography][EMEA][H. Ghanimi Fard][Head, Petroleum Studies Department][OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries)][Speaker]
  • Malcolm Fawcett
    Director, Climate Change, ConocoPhillips
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Malcolm Fawcett][Director, Climate Change][ConocoPhillips][Speaker]
  • C. Timothy Fenn
    Partner, Latham & Watkins
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][C. Timothy Fenn][Partner][Latham & Watkins][Speaker]
  • David Foley
    Sr. Managing Director & CEO, Blackstone Energy Partners
    [Upstream][Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][David Foley][Sr. Managing Director & CEO][Blackstone Energy Partners][Speaker]
  • Laura Folse
    CEO BP Wind Energy, BP
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Laura Folse][CEO BP Wind Energy][BP][Speaker]
  • Dirk Forrister
    President & CEO, International Emissions Trading Association
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Dirk Forrister][President & CEO][International Emissions Trading Association][Speaker]
  • Randy Foutch
    Chairman & CEO, Laredo Petroleum
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Americas][Randy Foutch][Chairman & CEO][Laredo Petroleum][Speaker]
  • Matt Fox
    Executive Vice President, Strategy, Exploration & Technology, ConocoPhillips
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Matt Fox][Executive Vice President, Strategy, Exploration & Technology][ConocoPhillips][Speaker]
  • Daniel Fried
    Coordinator for Sanctions Policy, US Department of State
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Daniel Fried][Coordinator for Sanctions Policy][US Department of State][Speaker]
  • Ric Fulop
    Co-Founder & CEO, Desktop Metal
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Ric Fulop][Co-Founder & CEO][Desktop Metal][Speaker]
  • Howard Gatiss
    President, CMC - Coal Marketing
    [Downstream & Midstream][Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][IHS Markit Expert][Geography][EMEA][Howard Gatiss][President][CMC - Coal Marketing][Speaker]
  • Chris Gatjanis
    US Southern Area Vice President Permian Basin, Halliburton
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Chris Gatjanis][US Southern Area Vice President Permian Basin][Halliburton][Speaker]
  • Amerino Gatti
    President, Production Group, Schlumberger
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Amerino Gatti][President, Production Group][Schlumberger][Speaker]
  • Frédéric Godemel
    SVP, Energy Business, Schneider Electric
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Frédéric Godemel][SVP, Energy Business][Schneider Electric][Speaker]
  • Paula Gold-Williams
    President & CEO, CPS Energy
    [Downstream & Midstream][Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][IHS Markit Expert][Geography][Americas][Paula Gold-Williams][President & CEO][CPS Energy][Speaker]
  • David Goldwyn
    Chairman of the Advisory Group, Global Energy Center, Atlantic Council
    [Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][David Goldwyn][Chairman of the Advisory Group, Global Energy Center][Atlantic Council][Speaker]
  • Helen Greiner
    CTO & Founder, CyPhy Works
    [Technology & Innovation][Innovation Pioneer][Geography][Americas][Helen Greiner][CTO & Founder][CyPhy Works][Speaker]
  • Jim Griffin
    Advisor, Griffin Mining Advisors (GMA)
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Jim Griffin][Advisor][Griffin Mining Advisors (GMA)][Speaker]
  • Tristan Grimbert
    President & CEO, EDF Renewables Energy
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Tristan Grimbert][President & CEO][EDF Renewables Energy][Speaker]
  • Corey Grindal
    Senior Vice President, Gas Supply, Cheniere
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Corey Grindal][Senior Vice President, Gas Supply][Cheniere][Speaker]
  • Alec Gruss
    Principal Data Scientist, Digital Factory Division, Siemens
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Alec Gruss][Principal Data Scientist][Digital Factory Division, Siemens][Speaker]
  • Greg Guidry
    EVP, Unconventionals, Shell Exploration & Production Company, UA
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Greg Guidry][EVP, Unconventionals][Shell Exploration & Production Company, UA][Speaker]
  • Jesper Haarh
    Director, Head of Corporate Strategy, DONG Energy
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Jesper Haarh][Director, Head of Corporate Strategy][DONG Energy][Speaker]
  • Raghdaa Hasan
    Senior Vice President, Global Business Development, Statoil
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Raghdaa Hasan][Senior Vice President, Global Business Development][Statoil][Speaker]
  • Ahmed Hashmi
    Global Head of Upstream Technology, BP
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Ahmed Hashmi][Global Head of Upstream Technology][BP][Speaker]
  • Thomas Healy
    CEO & Founder, Hyliion
    [Technology & Innovation][Innovation Pioneer][Geography][Americas][Thomas Healy][CEO & Founder][Hyliion][Speaker]
  • Gregory Hebertson
    Vice President, Western Hemisphere Exploration & New Ventures, Murphy Oil Corporation
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Gregory Hebertson][Vice President, Western Hemisphere Exploration & New Ventures][Murphy Oil Corporation][Speaker]
  • Gustavo Hernández
    Director of Resources, Reserves and Associations, PEMEX Exploration and Production
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Gustavo Hernández][Director of Resources, Reserves and Associations][PEMEX Exploration and Production][Speaker]
  • Jon Hirschtick
    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Onshape Inc.
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Jon Hirschtick][Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer][Onshape Inc.][Speaker]
  • Horace Hobbs
    Chief Economist, Phillips 66
    [Downstream & Midstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Horace Hobbs][Chief Economist][Phillips 66][Speaker]
  • Maynard Holt
    Chief Executive Officer, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Maynard Holt][Chief Executive Officer][Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.][Speaker]
  • Colette Honorable
    Commissioner , Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
    [Global Gas/LNG][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Colette Honorable][Commissioner ][Federal Energy Regulatory Commission][Speaker]
  • Idar Horstad
    Chief Executive Officer, Magseis
    [Technology & Innovation][Innovation Pioneer][Geography][EMEA][Idar Horstad][Chief Executive Officer][Magseis][Speaker]
  • Michel Hourcard
    President & CEO, TOTAL E&P Americas, LLC
    [Downstream & Midstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Michel Hourcard][President & CEO][TOTAL E&P Americas, LLC][Speaker]
  • Martin Houston
    Vice Chairman, Tellurian
    [Global Gas/LNG][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Americas][Martin Houston][Vice Chairman][Tellurian ][Speaker]
  • Jim Hughes
    Chairman of the Board of Directors, Eos Energy Storage
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Jim Hughes][Chairman of the Board of Directors][Eos Energy Storage][Speaker]
  • Pham Quang Huy
    Deputy Director General, Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Pham Quang Huy][Deputy Director General][Electricity Regulatory Authority of Vietnam][Speaker]
  • Andy Icken
    Chief Development Officer, City of Houston
    [Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Andy Icken][Chief Development Officer][City of Houston][Speaker]
  • Katie Jackson
    Vice President, Commercial & New Business Development, Europe/CIS, Shell
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Katie Jackson][Vice President, Commercial & New Business Development, Europe/CIS][Shell][Speaker]
  • Daniel Jaeggi
    Co-Founder & President, Mercuria
    [Downstream & Midstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Daniel Jaeggi][Co-Founder & President][Mercuria][Speaker]
  • Dev Jagadesan
    Acting President & CEO , OPIC
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Dev Jagadesan][Acting President & CEO ][OPIC][Speaker]
  • Mateo Jaramillo
    Former Vice President, Tesla Energy Products
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Power/Utilities][Geography][Americas][Mateo Jaramillo][Former Vice President, Tesla Energy Products][Speaker]
  • Blue Jenkins
    Chief Commercial Officer, EQT
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Blue Jenkins][Chief Commercial Officer][EQT ][Speaker]
  • Jesse Jenkins
    PhD Candidate and Researcher, MIT
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Jesse Jenkins][PhD Candidate and Researcher][MIT][Speaker]
  • Guido Jouret
    Chief Digital Officer, ABB Group
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Guido Jouret][Chief Digital Officer][ABB Group][Speaker]
  • Andrew Kamau
    Principal Secretary, State Dept. of Petroleum, Ministry of Energy & Petroleum, Republic of Kenya
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Government/Academia/NGO][Andrew Kamau][Principal Secretary, State Dept. of Petroleum][Ministry of Energy & Petroleum, Republic of Kenya][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Vimal Kapur
    President, Honeywell Process Solutions
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Vimal Kapur][President][Honeywell Process Solutions][Speaker]
  • Badar Khan
    President & CEO, Direct Energy
    [Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Badar Khan][President & CEO][Direct Energy][Speaker]
  • Young Ju Kim
    General Manager Clean Power Generation Lab , Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Young Ju Kim][General Manager Clean Power Generation Lab ][Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)][Speaker]
  • Mark Kingsley
    Chief Executive Officer, AlionEnergy
    [Technology & Innovation][Innovation Pioneer][Geography][Americas][Mark Kingsley][Chief Executive Officer][AlionEnergy][Speaker]
  • Michael Klein
    Managing Partner, M. Klein and Company
    [Downstream & Midstream][Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Financial Services][Geography][Americas][Michael Klein][Managing Partner][M. Klein and Company][Speaker]
  • Tom Kuhn
    President, Edison Electric Institute
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Tom Kuhn][President][Edison Electric Institute][Speaker]
  • Katsumi Kuroda
    Senior Advisor, Marketing, Cheniere Marketing Ltd.
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Katsumi Kuroda][Senior Advisor, Marketing][Cheniere Marketing Ltd.][Speaker]
  • Sarah Ladislaw
    Director & Senior Fellow, Energy and National Security Program, Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
    [Downstream & Midstream][Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Sarah Ladislaw][Director & Senior Fellow, Energy and National Security Program][Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)][Speaker]
  • Howard Leach
    Head of Exploration, BP
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Howard Leach][Head of Exploration][BP][Speaker]
  • Jason Lemme
    Managing Director, Hartree Partners
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Jason Lemme][Managing Director][Hartree Partners][Speaker]
  • Gregory Leveille
    Chief Technology Officer, ConocoPhillips
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Gregory Leveille][Chief Technology Officer][ConocoPhillips][Speaker]
  • Charles Leykum
    CEO & Founder, CSL Capital Management
    [Downstream & Midstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Charles Leykum][CEO & Founder][CSL Capital Management][Speaker]
  • Rebecca Liebert
    President & CEO, Honeywell UOP
    [Downstream & Midstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Rebecca Liebert][President & CEO][Honeywell UOP][Speaker]
  • Andrew Lipow
    President, Lipow Oil Associates, LLC
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Andrew Lipow][President][Lipow Oil Associates, LLC][Speaker]
  • Ulrich Lissek
    Head of Communications and Govermental Relations, Nord Stream 2 AG
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Ulrich Lissek][Head of Communications and Govermental Relations][Nord Stream 2 AG][Speaker]
  • Carri Lockhart
    SVP US Offshore, Development & Production USA, Statoil
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Carri Lockhart][SVP US Offshore, Development & Production USA][Statoil][Speaker]
  • Holger Lösch
    Member of the Executive Board, BDI e.V.
    [Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Holger Lösch][Member of the Executive Board][BDI e.V.][Speaker]
  • Shenyuan Ma
    Vice President, ENN Group Co., Ltd.
    [Downstream & Midstream][Global Gas/LNG][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Oil & Gas – E&P][Asia][Shenyuan Ma][Vice President][ENN Group Co., Ltd.][Speaker]
  • Augusto Macuvele
    Vice President, Exploration, National Institute of Petroleum (INP)
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Augusto Macuvele][Vice President, Exploration][National Institute of Petroleum (INP)][Speaker]
  • Sergej Mahnovski
    Director, Strategic Planning, Edison International
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Power/Utilities][Geography][Americas][Sergej Mahnovski][Director, Strategic Planning][Edison International][Speaker]
  • Lawrence Makovich
    Vice President and Senior Advisor, Energy; CERAWeek Vice Chairman, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Lawrence Makovich][Vice President and Senior Advisor, Energy; CERAWeek Vice Chairman][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Suzanne Maloney
    Deputy Director, Foreign Policy Program; Senior Fellow, Brookings Center for Middle East Policy, Energy Security & Climate Initiative, The Brookings Institution
    [Downstream & Midstream][Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Suzanne Maloney][Deputy Director, Foreign Policy Program; Senior Fellow, Brookings Center for Middle East Policy, Energy Security & Climate Initiative][The Brookings Institution][Speaker]
  • Robert Mancini
    Partner-Managing Director & Co-Head , Carlyle Power Partners
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Robert Mancini][Partner-Managing Director & Co-Head ][Carlyle Power Partners][Speaker]
  • Karthish Manthiram
    Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering, MIT
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Karthish Manthiram][Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering][MIT][Speaker]
  • John Massey
    Head of US Coal and Natural Gas Trading, Engelhart Commodity Trading Partners
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][John Massey][Head of US Coal and Natural Gas Trading][Engelhart Commodity Trading Partners][Speaker]
  • Doug May
    Business President, Olefins, Aromatics & Alternatives, The Dow Chemical Company
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Doug May][Business President, Olefins, Aromatics & Alternatives][The Dow Chemical Company][Speaker]
  • Charles McConnell
    Executive Director, Energy and Environment Initiative (EEi), Rice University
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Charles McConnell][Executive Director, Energy and Environment Initiative (EEi)][Rice University][Speaker]
  • Brewster McCracken
    Chief Executive Officer, Pecan Street
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Brewster McCracken][Chief Executive Officer][Pecan Street][Speaker]
  • Kevin McLachlan
    Senior Vice President Exploration, TOTAL S.A.
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Kevin McLachlan][Senior Vice President Exploration][TOTAL S.A.][Speaker]
  • David Meza
    Chief Knowledge Architect, NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][David Meza][Chief Knowledge Architect][NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration][Speaker]
  • Bill Mohl
    Retired President, Entergy Wholesale Commodities , Entergy Corporation
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Power/Utilities][Geography][Americas][Bill Mohl][Retired President, Entergy Wholesale Commodities ][Entergy Corporation][Speaker]
  • Christopher Moravec
    President, Blackhawk Mining, LLC
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Christopher Moravec][President][Blackhawk Mining, LLC][Speaker]
  • Dambisa Moyo
    Global Economist, Author & Board Member , Barclays, Barrick Gold, Chevron, Seagate Technology
    [Downstream & Midstream][Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Financial Services][Business Services/Consulting][Geography][Americas][Dambisa Moyo][Global Economist, Author & Board Member ][Barclays, Barrick Gold, Chevron, Seagate Technology][Speaker]
  • Ronald Neal
    Co-Founder & Co-Owner, Houston Energy, L.P.
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Ronald Neal][Co-Founder & Co-Owner][Houston Energy, L.P.][Speaker]
  • Travis Nichols
    Managing Director, Investment Banking, Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Travis Nichols][Managing Director, Investment Banking][Tudor, Pickering, Holt & Co.][Speaker]
  • Kunio Nohata
    Senior Executive Officer , Tokyo Gas
    [Global Gas/LNG][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Kunio Nohata][Senior Executive Officer ][Tokyo Gas][Speaker]
  • Murat Ocalan
    Founder & CEO, Rheidiant
    [Technology & Innovation][Innovation Pioneer][Geography][Americas][Murat Ocalan][Founder & CEO][Rheidiant][Speaker]
  • César Emiliano Hernández Ochoa
    Deputy Secretary of Energy for Electricity, Ministry of Energy of Mexico
    [Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Americas][César Emiliano Hernández Ochoa][Deputy Secretary of Energy for Electricity][Ministry of Energy of Mexico][Speaker]
  • Décio Oddone
    Director-General, Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP)
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Décio Oddone][Director-General][Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP) ][Speaker]
  • Francis O’Sullivan
    Director of Research & Analysis, MIT Energy Initiative, MIT
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Francis O’Sullivan][Director of Research & Analysis, MIT Energy Initiative][MIT][Speaker]
  • Mike O’Sullivan
    Senior VP, Development, NextEra Energy, Inc.
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Mike O’Sullivan][Senior VP, Development][NextEra Energy, Inc.][Speaker]
  • Andrew Ott
    President & CEO, PJM Interconnection
    [Downstream & Midstream][Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Energy Markets][Energy Transition: Industry Structure & Strategy][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][IHS Markit Expert][Power/Utilities][Geography][Americas][Andrew Ott][President & CEO][PJM Interconnection][Speaker]
  • Babur Ozden
    Founder & CEO, Maana
    [Technology & Innovation][Innovation Pioneer][Geography][Americas][Babur Ozden][Founder & CEO][Maana][Speaker]
  • Carlos Pascual
    Senior Vice President, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Carlos Pascual][Senior Vice President][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Frank Patterson
    Chesapeake Energy Corporation, Executive Vice President, Exploration and Production
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Frank Patterson][Chesapeake Energy Corporation][Executive Vice President, Exploration and Production][Speaker]
  • Tim Perry
    Global Co-Head of Oil and Gas Investment Banking, Credit Suisse
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Tim Perry][Global Co-Head of Oil and Gas Investment Banking][Credit Suisse][Speaker]
  • Vincent Petit
    Senior Vice President, Energy Automation , Schneider Electric
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Vincent Petit][Senior Vice President, Energy Automation ][Schneider Electric][Speaker]
  • Thomas Pieper
    Head of Commercial Analysis & Global Strategies, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Thomas Pieper][Head of Commercial Analysis & Global Strategies][RWE Supply & Trading GmbH][Speaker]
  • Daniel Poneman
    President & CEO, Centrus Energy
    [Downstream & Midstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Daniel Poneman][President & CEO][Centrus Energy ][Speaker]
  • Jack Porco
    President & Chief Commercial Officer, Xcoal Energy & Resources
    [Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Jack Porco][President & Chief Commercial Officer][Xcoal Energy & Resources][Speaker]
  • Alex Pourbaix
    Chief Operating Officer, TransCanada Corporation
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Alex Pourbaix][Chief Operating Officer][TransCanada Corporation][Speaker]
  • Robert Powelson
    Commissioner, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)
    [Energy Markets][Keynote/Plenary][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Robert Powelson][Commissioner, Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission][National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC)][Speaker]
  • Aldo Flores Quiroga
    Deputy Secretary of Energy for Hydrocarbons, Secretary of Energy, Mexico
    [Downstream & Midstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Aldo Flores Quiroga][Deputy Secretary of Energy for Hydrocarbons, Secretary of Energy][Mexico][Speaker]
  • Marcelo Tokman Ramos
    Chief Executive Officer, Empresa Nacional Del Petróleo (ENAP)
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Marcelo Tokman Ramos][Chief Executive Officer][Empresa Nacional Del Petróleo (ENAP)][Speaker]
  • Dan Reicher
    Director of the Stanford Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Law Professor, Stanford University
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Dan Reicher][Director of the Stanford Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Law Professor][Stanford University][Speaker]
  • Torgrim Reitan
    Executive Vice President, Development & Production U.S.A., Statoil
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Torgrim Reitan][Executive Vice President, Development & Production U.S.A.][Statoil][Speaker]
  • Dan Romasko
    President & CEO, Motiva Enterprises LLC
    [Downstream & Midstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Dan Romasko][President & CEO][Motiva Enterprises LLC][Speaker]
  • Elizabeth Rosenberg
    Sr. Fellow & Program Director, Center for a New American Security (CNAS)
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Elizabeth Rosenberg][Sr. Fellow & Program Director][Center for a New American Security (CNAS)][Speaker]
  • James Rosenfield
    Senior Vice President IHS Markit, CERAWeek Co-Chairman
    [IHS Markit Expert][James Rosenfield][Senior Vice President IHS Markit][CERAWeek Co-Chairman][Ihs Expert]
  • Elio Ruggeri
    SVP Gas Infrastructures Department, Edison S.p.A
    [Global Gas/LNG][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Elio Ruggeri][SVP Gas Infrastructures Department][Edison S.p.A][Speaker]
  • Christof Rühl
    Global Head of Research, EFD, Office of the Managing Director, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA)
    [Downstream & Midstream][Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Christof Rühl][Global Head of Research, EFD, Office of the Managing Director][Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA)][Speaker]
  • Gregg Russell
    Sr. Vice President, Commercial Development, DTE Midstream
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Gregg Russell][Sr. Vice President, Commercial Development][DTE Midstream][Speaker]
  • Keisuke Sadamori
    Director, International Energy Agency
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Keisuke Sadamori][Director][International Energy Agency][Speaker]
  • Salim Samaha
    Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Salim Samaha][Partner][Global Infrastructure Partners ][Speaker]
  • Dinesh Sarraf
    Chairman & Managing Director, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Dinesh Sarraf][Chairman & Managing Director][Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.][Speaker]
  • Hiroki Sato
    Chief Fuel Transactions Officer, Senior Executive Vice President, JERA Co., Inc.
    [Downstream & Midstream][Global Gas/LNG][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Asia][Hiroki Sato][Chief Fuel Transactions Officer, Senior Executive Vice President][JERA Co., Inc.][Speaker]
  • Steve Scharnhorst
    Cheif Executive Officer, Fluidic Energy
    [Technology & Innovation][Innovation Pioneer][Geography][Americas][Steve Scharnhorst][Cheif Executive Officer][Fluidic Energy][Speaker]
  • John Schultz
    President, Direct Energy
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][John Schultz][President][Direct Energy ][Speaker]
  • David Scott
    President, IDG
    [Downstream & Midstream][Geopolitics/Energy Policy/Economics][Global Gas/LNG][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][David Scott][President][IDG][Speaker]
  • Yuri Sebregts
    EVP Innovation, Research and Development & Chief Technology Officer, Shell
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Yuri Sebregts][EVP Innovation, Research and Development & Chief Technology Officer][Shell][Speaker]
  • Audie Setters
    Chief Executive Officer, LoneStar LNG
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Audie Setters][Chief Executive Officer][LoneStar LNG][Speaker]
  • Adam Sieminski
    James R. Schlesinger Chair for Energy and Geopolitics, Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Adam Sieminski][James R. Schlesinger Chair for Energy and Geopolitics][Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS)][Speaker]
  • Prabhat Singh
    Chief Executive Officer, Petronet LNG Limited
    [Global Gas/LNG][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Prabhat Singh][Chief Executive Officer][Petronet LNG Limited][Speaker]
  • Sanjiv Singh
    Director (Refineries), Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL)
    [Downstream & Midstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Sanjiv Singh][Director (Refineries)][Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL)][Speaker]
  • Geraldine Slattery
    Asset President Conventional, BHP Billiton
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Geraldine Slattery][Asset President Conventional][BHP Billiton][Speaker]
  • Michael Smith
    Chairman, CEO & Founder, Freeport LNG
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Americas][Michael Smith][Chairman, CEO & Founder][Freeport LNG][Speaker]
  • Barry Smitherman
    Adjunct Professor of Energy Law, UT Law School
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Barry Smitherman][Adjunct Professor of Energy Law][UT Law School][Speaker]
  • Ray Spitzley
    Managing Director, Head of Merchant Energy, Global Power & Utility Group, Morgan Stanley
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Ray Spitzley][Managing Director, Head of Merchant Energy, Global Power & Utility Group][ Morgan Stanley][Speaker]
  • Jerre Stead
    Chairman & CEO, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Jerre Stead][Chairman & CEO][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Cory Steffek
    Managing Director, North America, Aramco Energy Ventures
    [Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Asia][Cory Steffek][Managing Director, North America][Aramco Energy Ventures][Speaker]
  • Angela Stent
    Director of the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies; Professor of Government and Foreign Service, Georgetown School of Foreign Service
    [Upstream][Keynote/Plenary][Geography][Americas][Angela Stent][Director of the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies; Professor of Government and Foreign Service][Georgetown School of Foreign Service][Featured Speaker]
  • William Stevens
    Global Head, Strategic Energy Solutions, HSBC
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][William Stevens][Global Head, Strategic Energy Solutions][HSBC][Speaker]
  • Russell Stokes
    SVP, GE; President & CEO, GE Energy Connections, GE
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Russell Stokes][SVP, GE; President & CEO, GE Energy Connections][GE][Speaker]
  • Robert Stoner
    Deputy Director for Science & Technology , MIT
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Robert Stoner][Deputy Director for Science & Technology ][MIT][Speaker]
  • Michael Stoppard
    Chief Strategist, Global Gas, Energy; CERAWeek Vice Chairman, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Michael Stoppard][Chief Strategist, Global Gas, Energy; CERAWeek Vice Chairman][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Nathan Strik
    Sector Leader, Fidelity Management and Research Company
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Nathan Strik][Sector Leader][Fidelity Management and Research Company][Speaker]
  • Arlene Strom
    Vice President, Sustainability and Communications, Suncor
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Arlene Strom][Vice President, Sustainability and Communications][Suncor][Speaker]
  • Amien Sunaryadi
    Chairman, SKK Migas
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Asia][Amien Sunaryadi][Chairman][SKK Migas][Speaker]
  • Datuk Mohd Anuar Taib
    Executive Vice President & CEO Upstream, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)
    [Global Gas/LNG][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Datuk Mohd Anuar Taib][Executive Vice President & CEO Upstream][Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)][Speaker]
  • Peter Terwiesch
    President, Industrial Automation, ABB Group
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Peter Terwiesch][President, Industrial Automation][ABB Group][Speaker]
  • David Thomas
    Global Head of LNG, Vitol
    [Global Gas/LNG][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][David Thomas][Global Head of LNG][Vitol ][Speaker]
  • Ernie Thrasher
    CEO & Chief Marketing Officer, Xcoal Energy & Resources
    [Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Ernie Thrasher][CEO & Chief Marketing Officer][Xcoal Energy & Resources][Speaker]
  • Jay Timmons
    President & CEO, National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Jay Timmons][President & CEO][National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)][Speaker]
  • Michael Train
    Executive President, Emerson Automation Solutions, Emerson
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Michael Train][Executive President, Emerson Automation Solutions][Emerson][Speaker]
  • B.C. Tripathi
    Chairman & Managing Director, GAIL (India) Limited
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Asia][B.C. Tripathi][Chairman & Managing Director][GAIL (India) Limited][Speaker]
  • David Tudor
    CEO & General Manager, Associated Electric Cooperative
    [Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][David Tudor][CEO & General Manager][Associated Electric Cooperative][Speaker]
  • Guillermo Turrent
    Chief Executive Officer, CFE International (Mexico Comisión Federal de Electricidad)
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Power/Utilities][Geography][Americas][Guillermo Turrent][Chief Executive Officer][CFE International (Mexico Comisión Federal de Electricidad)][Speaker]
  • Sergey Vakulenko
    Head of Strategy and Innovations, Gazprom Neft
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Sergey Vakulenko][Head of Strategy and Innovations][Gazprom Neft][Speaker]
  • Gordon van Welie
    President & CEO, ISO New England Inc.
    [Downstream & Midstream][Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][IHS Markit Expert][Power/Utilities][Geography][Americas][Gordon van Welie][President & CEO][ISO New England Inc.][Speaker]
  • Orlando Velandia
    President, Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ANH)
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Orlando Velandia][President][Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ANH)][Speaker]
  • Roy Vella
    VP/GM, Connected Home North America, Centrica
    [Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][EMEA][Roy Vella][VP/GM, Connected Home North America][Centrica][Speaker]
  • Francesco Venturini
    Enel Green Power CEO, Enel Green Power Spa
    [Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Francesco Venturini][Enel Green Power CEO][Enel Green Power Spa][Speaker]
  • Frank Verrastro
    Senior Vice President, Center for Strategic & National Studies
    [Downstream & Midstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Frank Verrastro][Senior Vice President][Center for Strategic & National Studies][Speaker]
  • Narendra Verma
    Managing Director, ONGC Videsh Ltd.
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Narendra Verma][Managing Director][ONGC Videsh Ltd.][Speaker]
  • David Victor
    Professor; Co-director, Laboratory on International Law and Regulation, UC San Diego
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][David Victor][Professor; Co-director, Laboratory on International Law and Regulation][UC San Diego][Speaker]
  • Laurent Vivier
    Senior Vice President, Gas, TOTAL S.A.
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Laurent Vivier][Senior Vice President, Gas][TOTAL S.A.][Speaker]
  • Andrew Walker
    Vice President, Strategy, Cheniere
    [Global Gas/LNG][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Andrew Walker][Vice President, Strategy][Cheniere][Speaker]
  • Nate Walton
    Partner, Ares Management
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Nate Walton][Partner][Ares Management][Speaker]
  • Guangfu Wang
    Vice President, Petroleum Exploration and Production Research Institute of Sinopec
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Guangfu Wang][Vice President][Petroleum Exploration and Production Research Institute of Sinopec ][Speaker]
  • Grant Wattman
    President & CEO, Agility Project Logistics
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Grant Wattman][President & CEO][Agility Project Logistics][Speaker]
  • Tom Werner
    President & CEO, SunPower
    [Power/Renewables/Coal/Transmission & Distribution][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Tom Werner][President & CEO][SunPower][Speaker]
  • Jonathan Westby
    Co-Managing Director EM & T & Global Head of LNG, Centrica
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Jonathan Westby][Co-Managing Director EM & T & Global Head of LNG][Centrica][Speaker]
  • Geoffrey White
    Chief Executive Officer - Africa, Agility
    [Upstream][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Geoffrey White][Chief Executive Officer - Africa][Agility][Speaker]
  • Ed Whittingham
    Executive Director, Pembina Institute
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Ed Whittingham][Executive Director][Pembina Institute][Speaker]
  • Fiona Wild
    Vice President Sustainability & Climate Change, BHP Billiton
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][EMEA][Fiona Wild][Vice President Sustainability & Climate Change][BHP Billiton][Speaker]
  • Joshua Wong
    Founder & CEO, Opus One Solutions
    [Technology & Innovation][Innovation Pioneer][Geography][Americas][Joshua Wong][Founder & CEO][Opus One Solutions ][Speaker]
  • Changjun Xie
    Executive Vice President, Guodian Group
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Changjun Xie][Executive Vice President][Guodian Group][Speaker]
  • Xiaodong Xu
    Vice President, EPPEI
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Xiaodong Xu][Vice President][EPPEI][Speaker]
  • Carlos Zacarias
    Chairman , Institute National Petroleum, Mozambique
    [Global Gas/LNG][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Carlos Zacarias][Chairman ][Institute National Petroleum, Mozambique][Speaker]
  • Juan Carlos Zepeda
    President, Mexican National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH)
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Juan Carlos Zepeda][President][Mexican National Hydrocarbons Commission (CNH)][Speaker]
  • Pinxian Zhang
    Vice President - Group Planning, CNPC
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Oil & Gas – E&P][Geography][Asia][Pinxian Zhang][Vice President - Group Planning][CNPC][Speaker]
  • Haiying Zhao
    Chief Risk Officer, China Investment Corporation
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Asia][Haiying Zhao][Chief Risk Officer][China Investment Corporation][Speaker]
  • Walter Zimmermann
    Vice President & Chief Technical Analyst, ICAP Technical Analysis, ICAP
    [Technology & Innovation][Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Geography][Americas][Walter Zimmermann][Vice President & Chief Technical Analyst, ICAP Technical Analysis][ICAP][Speaker]
  • Stephen Zoepf
    Executive Director, Center for Automotive Research at Stanford, Stanford University
    [Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Geography][Americas][Stephen Zoepf][Executive Director, Center for Automotive Research at Stanford][Stanford University][Speaker]
  • Irena Agalliu
    Managing Director of Consulting, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Irena Agalliu][Managing Director of Consulting, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Mariam Al-Shamma
    Senior Manager, Petroleum Sector Risk, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Mariam Al-Shamma][Senior Manager, Petroleum Sector Risk, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Samuel Andrus
    Senior Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Samuel Andrus][Senior Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Basel Nashat Asmar
    Director, Upstream Research, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Basel Nashat Asmar][Director, Upstream Research][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Bhushan Bahree
    Senior Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Bhushan Bahree][Senior Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Mary Lashley Barcella
    Director, North American Natural Gas, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Mary Lashley Barcella][Director, North American Natural Gas, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Andy Barrett
    Senior Advisor, Global Gas & Power, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Andy Barrett][Senior Advisor, Global Gas & Power, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Kurt Barrow
    Vice President, Downstream Research and Consulting, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Kurt Barrow][Vice President, Downstream Research and Consulting, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Stephen Beck
    Head of North America Oil and Gas Supply Forecasting, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Stephen Beck][Head of North America Oil and Gas Supply Forecasting][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Ricardo Bedregal
    Head, Upstream Research, Consulting, Cost & Technology Group, Latin America, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Ricardo Bedregal][Head, Upstream Research, Consulting, Cost & Technology Group, Latin America, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Nariman Behravesh
    Chief Economist, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Nariman Behravesh][Chief Economist][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Terrell Benke
    Senior Director, Global Gas and LNG Group, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Terrell Benke][Senior Director, Global Gas and LNG Group, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Daniel Berkove
    Senior Associate, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Daniel Berkove][Senior Associate, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Colin Birch
    Vice President, Oil Markets, Midstream & Downstream (OMD), Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Colin Birch][Vice President, Oil Markets, Midstream & Downstream (OMD), Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Kevin Birn
    Senior Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Kevin Birn][Senior Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Graham Bliss
    Senior Director, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Graham Bliss][Senior Director][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Aaron Brady
    Senior Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Aaron Brady][Senior Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Lysle Brinker
    Senior Director, Company Valuation and Transaction Research, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Lysle Brinker][Senior Director, Company Valuation and Transaction Research, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Antonia Bullard
    Vice President, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Antonia Bullard][Vice President, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Debnil Chowdhury
    Director, Natural Gas Liquids Research, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Debnil Chowdhury][Director, Natural Gas Liquids Research, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Max Cohen
    Senior Research Analyst, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Max Cohen][Senior Research Analyst, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • David Crisostomo
    Associate Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][David Crisostomo][Associate Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Brian Crotty
    Chief Executive Officer, OPIS, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Brian Crotty][Chief Executive Officer, OPIS][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Magnus Dale
    Senior Analyst, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Magnus Dale][Senior Analyst, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Matt DaPrato
    Associate Director, Americas Renewable Power Research, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Matt DaPrato][Associate Director, Americas Renewable Power Research, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Vera de Ladoucette
    Senior Associate , IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Geography][EMEA][Vera de Ladoucette][Senior Associate ][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Tom De Vleesschauwer
    Head of Transport & Mobility, Automotive, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Tom De Vleesschauwer][Head of Transport & Mobility, Automotive][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Roger Diwan
    Vice President, Financial Services, IHS Markit
    [Finance/Trading & Risk Management][IHS Markit Expert][Innovation Pioneer][Roger Diwan][Vice President, Financial Services][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • James Ellis
    Associate Director, Commercial Plays and Basins, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][James Ellis][Associate Director, Commercial Plays and Basins, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Mark Eramo
    Vice President, Chemical Market Insights, Chemical, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Mark Eramo][Vice President, Chemical Market Insights, Chemical][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Blake Eskew
    Vice President, Downstream Consulting, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Blake Eskew][Vice President, Downstream Consulting, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Susan Farrell
    Vice President, Upstream, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Susan Farrell][Vice President, Upstream, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Roberto Ferreira da Cunha
    Associate Director, Latin America Gas & Power, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Roberto Ferreira da Cunha][Associate Director, Latin America Gas & Power, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Bob Fryklund
    Chief Upstream Strategist, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Bob Fryklund][Chief Upstream Strategist, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Douglas Giuffre
    Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Douglas Giuffre][Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Mark Griffith
    Senior Research Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Mark Griffith][Senior Research Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Tiffany Groode
    Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Tiffany Groode][Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Thane Gustafson
    Senior Director and Advisor, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][IHS Markit Expert][Thane Gustafson][Senior Director and Advisor, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Chad Hawkinson
    Senior Vice President of Product Design & Engineering Solutions, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Chad Hawkinson][Senior Vice President of Product Design & Engineering Solutions][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Chris Holmes
    Senior Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Chris Holmes][Senior Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • John Howland
    Senior Director, Publications and Indexes, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][John Howland][Senior Director, Publications and Indexes, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Robert Ineson
    Managing Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Robert Ineson][Managing Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Judson Jacobs
    Senior Director, Upstream Technology and Innovation, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Judson Jacobs][Senior Director, Upstream Technology and Innovation, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Gauri Jauhar
    Director, Consulting & Research, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Gauri Jauhar][Director, Consulting & Research][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Mark Jelinek
    Managing Director, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Mark Jelinek][Managing Director][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Boseok Jin
    Associate Director, Power Gas Coal & Renewables (PGCR) Group, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Boseok Jin][Associate Director, Power Gas Coal & Renewables (PGCR) Group][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Stephen Jones
    Vice President, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Stephen Jones][Vice President, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Ed Kelly
    Vice President, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Ed Kelly][Vice President, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Gerald Kepes
    Head, Strategy & Competition Group, Upstream Research & Consulting Division, Energy Insight, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Gerald Kepes][Head, Strategy & Competition Group, Upstream Research & Consulting Division, Energy Insight][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Alex Klaessig
    Associate Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Alex Klaessig][Associate Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Tom Kloza
    Global Head of Energy Analysis, Oil Price Information Service (OPIS), IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Tom Kloza][Global Head of Energy Analysis, Oil Price Information Service (OPIS)][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Steven Knell
    Associate Director, European Power and Carbon Markets, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Steven Knell][Associate Director, European Power and Carbon Markets, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Roger Kranenburg
    Director, Global Power, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Roger Kranenburg][Director, Global Power, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • John Larson
    Vice President, Advanced Analytics Group, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][John Larson][Vice President, Advanced Analytics Group][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Raoul LeBlanc
    Managing Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Raoul LeBlanc][Managing Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Steve Lewandowski
    Global Business Director, Light Olefins, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Steve Lewandowski][Global Business Director, Light Olefins][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Kevin Lindemer
    Managing Director, Downstream Consulting, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Downstream & Midstream][IHS Markit Expert][Kevin Lindemer][Managing Director, Downstream Consulting, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Parker Littlehale
    Associate Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Parker Littlehale][Associate Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Speaker]
  • Xiaomin Liu
    Associate Director, China Coal and Power, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Xiaomin Liu][Associate Director, China Coal and Power, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Nick Lowes
    Vice President, Oil and Gas Consulting, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Nick Lowes][Vice President, Oil and Gas Consulting, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Andy Lubershane
    Senior Analyst, North America Renewable Power & Global Wind Advisory Services, Renewables, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Andy Lubershane][Senior Analyst, North America Renewable Power & Global Wind Advisory Services, Renewables][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Michael Marinovic
    Vice President, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Michael Marinovic][Vice President, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Paul Markwell
    Vice President, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Paul Markwell][Vice President, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Thomas Maslin
    Associate Director, Renewable Power, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Thomas Maslin][Associate Director, Renewable Power, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Rafael McDonald
    Director, Global Gas and Global LNG, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Rafael McDonald][Director, Global Gas and Global LNG][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Meg McIntosh
    Senior Director, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Meg McIntosh][Senior Director][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Keith McWhorter
    Associate, Energy, IHS Markit
    [Keith McWhorter][Associate, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Veeral Mehta
    Senior Consultant, Midstream Oil & NGLs, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Veeral Mehta][Senior Consultant, Midstream Oil & NGLs][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Nancy Meyer
    Associate Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Nancy Meyer][Associate Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Jeff Meyer
    Associate Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Jeff Meyer][Associate Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Bill Morelli
    Senior Director, IT & Networks, Technology, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Bill Morelli][Senior Director, IT & Networks, Technology][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Yaacov Mutnikas
    Executive Vice President, Financial Market Technologies, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Yaacov Mutnikas][Executive Vice President, Financial Market Technologies][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Ha Nguyen
    Associate Director, Global Oil, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Ha Nguyen][Associate Director, Global Oil, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Tate Nurkin
    Senior Director, Thought Leadership, Aerospace, Defense, and Security (AD&S), IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Tate Nurkin][Senior Director, Thought Leadership, Aerospace, Defense, and Security (AD&S)][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Reed Olmstead
    Manager of North America Supply Analytics, Upstream Strategy and Competition, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Reed Olmstead][Manager of North America Supply Analytics, Upstream Strategy and Competition, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • James Ooi
    Senior Director, Global Gas & Power, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][James Ooi][Senior Director, Global Gas & Power][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Pritesh Patel
    Director, Capital Costs Analysis Forum, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Pritesh Patel][Director, Capital Costs Analysis Forum, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Claudia Pessagno
    Senior Oil & Gas Equity Analyst, Strategies and Transactions, Upstream Group, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Claudia Pessagno][Senior Oil & Gas Equity Analyst, Strategies and Transactions, Upstream Group, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Michael Pickens
    Associate Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Michael Pickens][Associate Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Daniel Pratt
    Senior Director, Company, Transaction and Valuation Research, Upstream Group, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Daniel Pratt][Senior Director, Company, Transaction and Valuation Research, Upstream Group, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • David Price
    Senior Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][David Price][Senior Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Tony Reinsch
    Senior Director, Upstream Group, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Tony Reinsch][Senior Director, Upstream Group, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Catherine Robinson
    Senior Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Catherine Robinson][Senior Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Darryl Rogers
    Managing Director, Oil Markets and Downstream, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Darryl Rogers][Managing Director, Oil Markets and Downstream, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • James Saeger
    Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][James Saeger][Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Matthew Sagers
    Managing Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Matthew Sagers][Managing Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Eduard Sala de Vedruna
    Director, Power, Gas, Coal & Renewables, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Eduard Sala de Vedruna][Director, Power, Gas, Coal & Renewables, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Sandeep Sayal
    Director, Downstream Energy Research and Consulting, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Sandeep Sayal][Director, Downstream Energy Research and Consulting, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Carolyn Seto
    Director, Upstream Technology and Innovation, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Carolyn Seto][Director, Upstream Technology and Innovation][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Emanuel Simon
    Associate Director, Latin America, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Emanuel Simon][Associate Director, Latin America, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Curtis Smith
    Director Consulting, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Curtis Smith][Director Consulting, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Shankari Srinivasan
    Vice President, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Shankari Srinivasan][Vice President, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Timothy Stephure
    Associate Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Timothy Stephure][Associate Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • James Stevenson
    Director, North American Coal, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][James Stevenson][Director, North American Coal, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Zbyszko Tabernacki
    Vice President, Economics and Country Risk, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Zbyszko Tabernacki][Vice President, Economics and Country Risk][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Ford Tanner
    Associate Director, Petroleum Sector Risk, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Ford Tanner][Associate Director, Petroleum Sector Risk][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • James Taverner
    Senior Principal Researcher, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][James Taverner][Senior Principal Researcher, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Jim Thompson
    Director, Coal, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Jim Thompson][Director, Coal, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Paul Tossetti
    Senior Director, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Paul Tossetti][Senior Director, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Michele Trogni
    Executive Vice President, Consolidated Markets and Solutions, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Michele Trogni][Executive Vice President, Consolidated Markets and Solutions][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Richard Vidal
    Director, Energy Scenarios, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Richard Vidal][Director, Energy Scenarios][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Tristan Wallace
    Senior Research Analyst, Energy, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Tristan Wallace][Senior Research Analyst, Energy][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Jone-Lin Wang
    Vice President and Head of Research and Consulting, Power, Gas, Coal & Renewables-Americas, Energy
    [IHS Markit Expert][Jone-Lin Wang][Vice President and Head of Research and Consulting, Power, Gas, Coal & Renewables-Americas, Energy][Ihs Expert]
  • Jack Weixel
    Vice President, Analysis - PointLogic Energy, OPIS, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Jack Weixel][Vice President, Analysis - PointLogic Energy, OPIS][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • David Witte
    Senior Vice President; General Manager, Chemical, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][David Witte][Senior Vice President; General Manager, Chemical][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Jenny Yang
    Manager, China Oil and Gas Service, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Jenny Yang][Manager, China Oil and Gas Service][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
  • Xizhou Zhou
    Senior Director, Research, IHS Markit
    [IHS Markit Expert][Xizhou Zhou][Senior Director, Research][IHS Markit][Ihs Expert]
"The year's preeminent energy gathering"
—Wall Street Journal
"The speakers list represents the world oil industry's who's who"
—NBC News
"Industry leaders gather in Houston for IHS CERAWeek energy conference"
—Houston Chronicle
"Excellent opportunity to feel the pulse of the global energy industry"
—Past Delegate
"One of the most important energy conferences in the world, IHS CERAWeek"
—Bloomberg Television
"The oil and gas industry's Super Bowl"