Dr. Daniel Yergin
Vice Chairman, IHS Markit
Chairman, CERAWeek

Daniel Yergin is a highly respected authority on energy, international politics, and economics. He is Vice Chairman of IHS Markit and cofounded Cambridge Energy Research Associates®. In selecting Dr. Yergin as one of the “hundred people who mattered” worldwide, Time Magazine said, “If there is one man whose opinion matters more than any other on global energy markets, it’s Daniel Yergin.” Fortune said that he is “one of the planet’s foremost thinkers about energy and its implications.”

A Pulitzer Prize winner, Dr. Yergin is the author of the recent bestseller The Quest: Energy, Security, and the Remaking of the Modern World. The Quest has been called “a masterly piece of work” by The Economist and described by the Financial Times as “a triumph.” Dr. Yergin is known around the world for his book The Prize: the Epic Quest for Oil Money and Power, which was awarded the Pulitzer Prize. It became a number one New York Times best seller and has been translated into 17 languages. Of Dr. Yergin’s book Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy, which has been translated into 13 languages, The Wall Street Journal said, “No one could ask for a better account of the world’s political and economic destiny since World War II.” Both The Prize and Commanding Heights were made into award-winning television documentaries for PBS and BBC.

Dr. Yergin was awarded the United States Energy Award for “lifelong achievements in energy and the promotion of international understanding.” He received the Charles Percy Award for Public Service from the Alliance to Save Energy. The International Association for Energy Economics gave Dr. Yergin its 2012 award for “outstanding contributions to the profession of energy economics and to its literature.” In 2014 India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh presented him with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dr. Yergin serves on the US Secretary of Energy Advisory Board. He is a member of the National Petroleum Council, a trustee of the Brookings Institution, and a director of the United States Energy Association and of the US-Russia Business Council. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative, Singapore’s International Energy Advisory Board, and the Russian Academy of Oil and Gas.

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    President & CEO, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
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    President & CEO, CenterPoint Energy
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    President & Group CEO, Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS)
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    President & CEO, Cenovus Energy
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    Chairman, CEO & Founder, Freeport LNG
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    Chief Executive Officer, OGCI Climate Investments
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    Chief Technology Officer, Saudi Aramco
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    Deputy Secretary of Energy for Hydrocarbons, Mexico
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    President, Industrial Automation, ABB Group
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  • Hendrik Gordenker
    Executive Chairman, JERA Co.
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  • Décio Oddone
    Director-General, Brazilian National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP)
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  • Nopporn Chuchinda
    ASCOPE Secretary-in-Charge, ASCOPE/PTT
    [Keynote/Plenary][Nopporn Chuchinda][ASCOPE Secretary-in-Charge][ASCOPE/PTT][Featured Speaker]
  • Ernie Thrasher
    CEO & Chief Marketing Officer, Xcoal Energy & Resources
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  • Paul Vining
    Chief Executive Officer, The Cline Group, LLC
    [Paul Vining][Chief Executive Officer][The Cline Group, LLC][Featured Speaker]
  • Walter Isaacson
    President & CEO, The Aspen Institute
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  • Angela Stent
    Director of the Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies, Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University
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    Senior Vice President and Chief Energy Strategist, IHS Markit
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  • Carlos Pascual
    Senior Vice President, IHS Markit
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  • Osmar Abib
    Global Co-Head of Oil & Gas, Credit Suisse
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  • Galina Antova
    Co-Founder & Chief Business Development Officer, Claroty
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  • James Bellingham
    Director, Center of Marine Robotics, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][James Bellingham][Director, Center of Marine Robotics][Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution][Speaker]
  • William J. (John) Berger
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Sunnova Energy Corporation
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Technology][William J. (John) Berger][Founder and Chief Executive Officer][Sunnova Energy Corporation][Speaker]
  • Wendell Brase
    Associate Chancellor for Sustainability, University of California - Irvine
    [Climate/Environment/Sustainability][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Wendell Brase][Associate Chancellor for Sustainability][University of California - Irvine][Speaker]
  • Barbara J. Burger
    President, Chevron Technology Ventures, Chevron Corporation
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Technology][Barbara J. Burger][President, Chevron Technology Ventures][Chevron Corporation][Speaker]
  • Helen Currie
    Chief Economist, ConocoPhillips
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Helen Currie][Chief Economist][ConocoPhillips][Speaker]
  • Juan Enriquez
    Managing Director, Excel Venture Management
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Juan Enriquez][Managing Director][Excel Venture Management][Speaker]
  • Katherine Fog
    Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Analysis, Norsk Hydro ASA
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Katherine Fog][Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy & Analysis][Norsk Hydro ASA][Speaker]
  • David Foley
    Sr. Managing Director & CEO, Blackstone Energy Partners
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][David Foley][Sr. Managing Director & CEO][Blackstone Energy Partners][Speaker]
  • Michael French
    Senior Vice President Corporate Strategy, E.ON
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Michael French][Senior Vice President Corporate Strategy][E.ON][Speaker]
  • Ric Fulop
    Co-Founder & CEO, Desktop Metal
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Ric Fulop][Co-Founder & CEO][Desktop Metal][Speaker]
  • Corey Grindal
    Senior Vice President, Gas Supply, Cheniere
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Corey Grindal][Senior Vice President, Gas Supply][Cheniere][Speaker]
  • Andrew Herscowitz
    Coordinator, Power Africa
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Andrew Herscowitz][Coordinator][Power Africa][Speaker]
  • Jon Hirschtick
    Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Onshape Inc.
    [Technology & Innovation][Technology Agora@CERAWeek][Jon Hirschtick][Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer][Onshape Inc.][Speaker]
  • Blue Jenkins
    Chief Commercial Officer, EQT Corporation
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Blue Jenkins][Chief Commercial Officer][EQT Corporation][Speaker]
  • Steven Kean
    President & CEO, Kinder Morgan
    [Keynote/Plenary][Steven Kean][President & CEO][Kinder Morgan][Featured Speaker]
  • Peter Keavey
    Managing Director Global Energy, CME Group
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  • Michael Klein
    Managing Partner, M. Klein and Company
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  • Roger Kranenburg
    Vice President, Energy Strategy and Policy, Eversource Energy
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  • Sean Long
    Founder & CEO, Endeavor Energy Holdings
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  • Bill Magness
    President & CEO, Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Bill Magness][President & CEO][Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT)][Speaker]
  • John McCarrick
    Deputy Assistant Secretary, US Department of State's Bureau of Energy Resources
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][John McCarrick][Deputy Assistant Secretary][US Department of State's Bureau of Energy Resources][Speaker]
  • Francisco Morandi
    Vice President Corporate Strategy & Investment, The AES Corporation
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Francisco Morandi][Vice President Corporate Strategy & Investment][The AES Corporation][Speaker]
  • Fernando Musa
    Chief Executive Officer, Braskem SA
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Fernando Musa][Chief Executive Officer][Braskem SA][Speaker]
  • Hon. James Musoni
    Minister of Infrastructure, Rwanda
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Government/Academia/NGO][Hon. James Musoni][Minister of Infrastructure][Rwanda][Speaker]
  • Thomas Nimbley
    Chairman & CEO, PBF Energy
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Thomas Nimbley][Chairman & CEO][PBF Energy][Speaker]
  • Andrew Ott
    President & CEO, PJM Interconnection
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Andrew Ott][President & CEO][PJM Interconnection][Speaker]
  • Jackie Sargent
    General Manager, Austin Energy
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Jackie Sargent][General Manager][Austin Energy][Speaker]
  • Bob Shapard
    Chief Executive Officer, Oncor
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Bob Shapard][Chief Executive Officer][Oncor][Speaker]
  • Althea Sherman
    Interim President/CEO, National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL)
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Althea Sherman][Interim President/CEO][National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL)][Speaker]
  • Daniel Sperling
    Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of California, Davis
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Daniel Sperling][Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering][University of California, Davis][Speaker]
  • Arcandra Tahar
    Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, Republic of Indonesia
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Arcandra Tahar][Vice Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources][Republic of Indonesia][Speaker]
  • Michael Train
    Executive President, Emerson Automation Solutions, Emerson
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Michael Train][Executive President, Emerson Automation Solutions][Emerson][Speaker]
  • Frank van Mierlo
    CEO, 1366 Technologies
    [Innovation Pioneer][Frank van Mierlo][CEO][1366 Technologies][Speaker]
  • Hon DeAnn Walker
    Chairman, Texas Public Utility Commission
    [Insight/Strategic Dialogue][Hon DeAnn Walker][Chairman][Texas Public Utility Commission][Ministers And Government Official]
  • Richard Wilson
    Chairman, sitesALIVE Foundation
    [Richard Wilson][Chairman][sitesALIVE Foundation][Speaker]