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  • Launched in 2020, CERAWeek Conversations is our new virtual forum that continues the mission of our annual event in the digital space.

CEO Dialogues
  • CEO Dialogue with Ignacio S. Galán
    (December 3, 2020) Iberdrola Chairman and Chief Executive Ignacio S. Galán chronicles his journey as a renewable energy pioneer and the company’s path to the forefront of the energy transition.
  • CEO Dialogue with Vicki Hollub
    (December 1, 2020) Vicki Hollub, president and chief executive of Occidental Petroleum, discusses the changing landscape for upstream operators brought on by market conditions and the movement toward lower carbon, net-zero economies.
  • CEO Dialogue with Antonio Pietri
    (October 13, 2020) Aspentech President & CEO Antonio Pietri explores what digitalization can usher in for the energy future: emissions reduction, the circular economy, financial prudence & sustainability, and new industrial plants of the future.
  • Charif Souki, Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Tellurian
    (October 8, 2020) Charif Souki, Executive Chairman and Co-founder of Tellurian, assesses the state of LNG in 2020 and examines the developments that are shaping the industry over the long-term.
  • Josu Jon Imaz, Chief Executive Officer, Repsol
    (September 24, 2020) Josu Jon Imaz, CEO of Repsol, makes the financial case for Net Zero and shares insights on hydrogen technologies, nature-based solutions, and the coming competition as oil and gas investors shift further into renewable energy.
  • H.E. Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of Industry & Advanced Technology in the UAE and Group CEO, ADNOC
    (August 17, 2020) H.E. Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Group CEO, ADNOC, and UAE Minister of Industry & Advanced Technology, shares insights on oil market dynamics, the UAE’s investment priorities & the Emirates’ competitive edge in the low-carbon future.
  • Felipe Bayón, Chief Executive of Ecopetrol
    (August 11, 2020) Ecopetrol has been a key pillar of Colombia’s growth into a modern & dynamic economy. CEO Felipe Bayón shares the investment strategy, portfolio mix, and technology focus that will continue to strengthen both company and country.
  • Ben van Beurden, CEO of Shell
    (July 16, 2020) Shell Chief Executive Ben van Beurden discusses the financial adjustments the company made due to the market shock, Shell’s ambition to be net carbon zero by 2050, and future business areas in a lower carbon economy.
  • David Rubenstein, Co-Founder & Co-Executive Chairman, The Carlyle Group
    (July 9, 2020) David M. Rubenstein, Co-Founder & Co-Executive Chairman of The Carlyle Group, shares his views on the global economy, U.S.-China relations, prospects for a COVID-19 vaccine, and the key attributes of leadership.
  • Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services
    (July 14, 2020) Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon Web Services, explains how the cloud is continually changing the nature of business and explores breakthroughs in energy industry operations and COVID-19 research that cloud services can enable.
  • Amin Nasser, President & CEO, Saudi Aramco
    (June 30, 2020) Saudi Aramco President & CEO Amin H. Nasser shares insights on the first six months as a publicly listed company, responses to COVID-19,operationalizing the rapid ramp-up in production & lessons learned from the U.S. shale experience.
  • Bernard Looney, Chief Executive of BP
    (June 11, 2020) Bernard Looney reflects on the volatility that has paralleled his first months at the helm of BP and discusses his optimism for a future of low carbon energy, digitalization, and agile work structures.
  • Ryan Lance, Chairman and CEO of ConocoPhillips
    (June 9, 2020) Ryan Lance, Chairman and CEO of ConocoPhillips shares his views on the energy industry’s changing landscape: the outlook for North American shale, the new value proposition for investors and potential consolidation of industry actors.
  • David Solomon, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.
    (May 21, 2020) Goldman Sachs Chairman & CEO David Solomon discusses how governments and the private sector have addressed the challenges of COVID-19 and explains the accelerating trend by the business community to pursue sustainability platforms.
  • Mike Wirth, Chairman & CEO, Chevron
    (May 14, 2020) Chevron Chairman and CEO Mike Wirth discusses the essential role of the energy industry during times of pandemic, the managerial priorities to weather the market downturn, and the evolution of the market.
  • Petrobras: Reinventing the Fundamentals
    (May 12, 2020) Petrobras CEO Roberto Castello Branco outlines how he is using COVID crisis as a stimulus to cut costs, improve productivity, integrate digitalization into its operations and improve liquidity.
  • Chris Crane, President and Chief Executive Officer, Exelon Corporation
    (May 12, 2020) Chris Crane, president and chief executive of Exelon Corporation, shares insights on electricity market designs, technological needs for industry, clean energy targets of U.S. states, and the future of the power sector.
  • Suncor’s Challenges: Competing Today, Innovating for Tomorrow
    (May 8, 2020) Mark Little, President and Chief Executive Officer of Suncor Energy, shares insights on managing through market turmoil and the innovations that one of Canada’s largest oil sands producers is applying to drive down cost structures.
  • Lord John Browne
    (April 29, 2020) Former BP Group Chief Executive and L1 Executive Chairman Lord John Browne interviewed by IHS Markit Chairman and CEO Lance Uggla.
  • Energy in Nigeria: Hedging Against the Virus
    (April 17, 2020) The Nigerian National Petroleum Corp is reinventing itself, to optimize options to meet pandemic-driven production cuts, to drive new policy to stimulate energy investment, and to usher forward a new era of fiscal transparency.
  • Jim Fitterling, Chairman and CEO, Dow
    (April 15, 2020) Jim Fitterling, chairman and chief executive of Dow, discusses the renewed appreciation for plastics during the COVID-19 pandemic and Dow’s long-term commitment to support a circular economy.
  • Sanjiv Singh, Chairman, Indian Oil Corporation (IOCL)
    (April 14, 2020) Sanjiv Singh, Chairman, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. (IOCL), shares insights on the energy future, the impacts of the lockdown on the Indian market, introduction of the Euro 6 standards and tackling the LPG distribution challenge.
  • Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, TOTAL S.A.
    (April 7, 2020) Patrick Pouyanné, chairman and chief executive of TOTAL SA sits down for an exclusive CERAWeek Conversations interview to talk about managing an international energy company through a global pandemic.
Leadership Dialogues
  • Leadership Dialogue with Richard Haass
    (December 15, 2020) Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, explores the themes of his new book, “The World: A Brief Introduction,” and shares insights on innovative approaches for cooperation on global issues of the future.
  • Fostering Cultures of Diversity & Inclusion
    (December 10, 2020) Leaders from the oil, gas, and power sector address how their organizations have been responded to calls for racial equity and the ongoing actions that industry has been taking to foster cultures of diversity and inclusion.
  • H.E. Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Egypt
    (October 20, 2020) H.E. Tarek El Molla, Minister of Petroleum & Mineral Resources of Egypt, explores Egypt’s energy transformation: An integrated gas strategy, an agenda to decarbonize, regional energy dynamics & aims to become an energy trading hub.
  • Hon. Claver Gatete, Minister of Infrastructure, Republic of Rwanda
    (October 6, 2020) Minister of Infrastructure Claver Gatete discusses the continental trade agenda, investments in universal energy access & Rwanda’s comparative advantage in financial services that are building a more prosperous future.
  • H.E. Alparslan Bayraktar, Deputy Minister of Energy & Natural Resources, Turkey
    (September 29, 2020) H.E. Alparslan Bayraktar, Deputy Minister of Energy & Natural Resources of Turkey examines the agenda to bolster energy security, strategies to attract foreign investment in energy, and Turkey’s role in the energy transition.
  • René Ortiz, Minister of Energy and Non-Renewable Natural Resources, Republic of Ecuador
    (September 17, 2020) Ecuador's Minister of Energy René Ortiz discusses private investment across all sectors of energy, addressing the challenges of the pandemic and climate change, and how coalitions are important to political and business success.
  • Jason Zander, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Corporation
    (July 23, 2020) Jason Zander, Executive Vice President of Microsoft, discusses the future of the digital world: 5G, quantum computing, industrial IoT, and the digital transformations and cloud services that are changing the business of energy.
  • Hon. Sylvester Turner, Mayor of Houston, Texas
    (July 14, 2020) Mayor Sylvester Turner of Houston speaks with IHS Markit Daniel Yergin about the COVID-19 crisis in the city, an agenda for racial equity and inclusion, Houston’s future as the world’s energy capital, and lessons for leadership.
  • Hon. Seamus O'Regan, Minister of Natural Resources of Canada
    (July 16, 2020) Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources Hon. Seamus O’Regan examines the country’s ambition to be net carbon zero by 2050, the effects of the pandemic and the path forward for critical infrastructure projects.
  • HE Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo on OPEC's historic months of 2020
    (July 9, 2020) OPEC Secretary General Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo shares inside perspective on the historic months of 2020. He examines the agreement on global supply cuts & explores opportunities for improved governance structures post-COVID.
  • Lawrence H. Summers on Choices for Economic Recovery
    (June 23, 2020) Former U.S. Treasury Secretary Lawrence H. Summers tackles the toughest public policy of our times: opening our economies safely, structuring a just recovery, and redefining international engagement to support equitable growth.
  • Hon. Dan Sullivan, U.S. Senator, Alaska
    (June 18, 2020) Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska speaks with IHS Markit Vice Chairman Daniel Yergin about Congress’s response to COVID-19, the crash in oil prices, and key initiatives on infrastructure, ocean clean-up, and a U.S. Arctic strategy.
  • Mark Carney on Global Economy & The Energy Transition
    (June 2, 2020) Mark Carney, Adviser to Prime Minister, COP 26 and U.N. Special Envoy, Climate & Finance discusses global efforts to address COVID-19 and the climate challenge and strategies to align markets & investment with the energy transition.
  • Dr. Fatih Birol, Executive Director, International Energy Agency
    (May 14, 2020) IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol discusses the shift in the oil market, slow, but encouraging, signs of recovering energy demand and shares policy considerations to strengthen energy systems.
  • Hon. Dan Brouillette, US Secretary of Energy
    (May 14, 2020) US Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette offers insight into the Department of Energy's actions in response to the pandemic crisis and oil market turmoil.
  • Hon. Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister of Petroleum & Natural Gas and Minister of Steel
    (May 7, 2020) Hon. Shri Dharmendra Pradhan, India’s Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Minister of Steel, discusses the responses to the COVID-19, the oil price collapse, and India’s energy future with IHS Markit Vice Chairman Daniel Yergin.
  • More Energy, Lower Emissions - Decarbonization at Scale
    (May 13, 2020) Professor Arun Majumdar, Director of the Precourt Institute for Energy at Stanford University, shares his views on meeting the dual challenge of global energy demand growth and reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Energy Policy in Colombia: Creating Confidence Amid Uncertainty
    (April 16, 2020) With HE María Fernanda Suárez, Minister of Mines and Energy, and Carlos Pascual, Senior Vice President, Global Energy, IHS Markit.
Expert Dialogues
  • The New Map: Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations
    (September 29, 2020) A new global map is emerging in energy & geopolitics. IHS Markit Vice Chairman Daniel Yergin discusses his new book, “The New Map: Energy, Climate, and the Clash of Nations,” and explores the future of energy.
Strategic Dialogues
  • Oil Market Scenarios for a post-Pandemic World
    (December 8, 2020) Chief economists from international oil companies and the heads of oil market research at OPEC and IHS Markit discuss scenarios and trends for global oil over the next 10 years.
  • Post Election Outlook: Energy, Climate & Geopolitics
    (December 1, 2020) Leading experts on the economy, global energy, and international relations assess the outlook for the Biden Administration, from economic stimulus to climate change, trade, China, and American leadership in the world.
  • More Energy, Lower Emissions: The dual challenge
    (November 10, 2020) In this CERAWeek Conversation the technology heads of ADNOC and PETRONAS examine the strategies and innovations that are tackling the dual challenge of reducing emissions while providing the world with more energy.
  • Angola’s New Upstream: Increasing Competitiveness, Repositioning for the Future
    (October 8, 2020) A competitive market for industry capital is challenging Angola to strengthen its value proposition for investors. Top energy officials explore regulatory & fiscal adjustments, new technologies, and a repurposed agenda for Sonangol.
  • The Clash of Nations, Energy Politics and a New World Order
    (October 1, 2020) Experts in energy, geopolitics, Asia & the Middle East examine America’s place in the world and the disruptions that will shape the foreign policy agenda of the next U.S. president.
  • Managing Disasters: Hurricanes & COVID-19 Collide
    (August 17, 2020) Explore the resiliency of infrastructure against the most powerful force of all: nature. CEOs discuss preparedness, crisis management and recovery strategies to protect and preserve critical energy assets when nature strikes.
  • Distributed Energy: Balancing flexibility, reliability, and resilience
    (August 11, 2020) Power industry leaders examine the technologies and business models that are driving the market for distributed energy resources and transforming the way customers use and generate electricity.
  • Innovating for Carbon-Free Power
    (August 6, 2020) Industry executives discuss the path to decarbonize the power sector. They address the carbon price debate, concerns over nuclear, the gains from energy efficiency, and the impact of COVID-19 on regional consumption patterns.
  • The Case for Upstream: How the Business Can Prosper in the New Environment
    (July 30, 2020) Upstream oil & gas faces significant headwinds: the market downturn, the role of hydrocarbons in the energy transition & investor demands for stronger returns. Industry executives make the case for upstream in the current environment.
  • Energy & Investing: How private equity and sovereign wealth funds assess value in the energy transition
    (July 23, 2020) Top investors share how private equity and sovereign wealth funds are strategizing for the future. They assess the changing criteria for valuing energy assets and new opportunities to deploy capital.
  • Global Gas: What Lies Ahead?
    (May 26, 2020) Hendrik Gordenker, Director & Senior Advisor, JERA, and Laurent Vivier, President, Gas, Total, share insights on industry’s flexibility to the price environment, balancing global gas markets and changes to investment outlooks.
  • Oil & globalization: Impacts from COVID-19 and future possibilities
    (May 21, 2020) Spencer Dale, Chief Economist, BP and Saad Rahim, Chief Economist, Trafigura discuss the economic and oil market repercussions of COVID-19—and what may lay ahead.
  • Keeping Lights On, Internet Humming and Decarbonizing the Power Sector
    (May 19, 2020) Mauricio Gutierrez, President & CEO of NRG, and Andrés Gluski, President & CEO of AES, discuss what their companies are doing to keep the power on during the pandemic, navigating the energy transition and long-term sustainability goals
  • DOE National Labs: Super Computing Against COVID
    (May 6, 2020) DOE Undersecretary for Science Paul Dabbar and Oak Ridge National Lab Director Thomas Zacharia share innovations that can help us get closer to the pandemic’s end. Moderated by Carlos Pascual, SVP, Global Energy, IHS Markit.
  • Attracting investors back: What model for US E&Ps?
    (April 28, 2020) Even before the latest demand downturn, the US E&Ps were facing the dual challenge of poor returns and investors dissatisfaction with the business model.
  • Innovation Midst the Pandemic
    (April 21, 2020) Jason Illian, Managing Director, Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT) discusses how Koch Industries is innovating in real time to support the fight against the pandemic, and the broader role of KDT in disrupting established businesses.
  • Why the Middle East Matters
    (April 8, 2020) The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the simmering geopolitics of the Middle East to a boil.
  • How COVID-19 Will Change Global Politics
    (April 3, 2020) COVID-19 has disrupted our economic, political, social and even family lives. Will these disruptions leave a world that is more interconnected or more isolationist?
  • Russia, Oil and Geopolitics in the Covid-19 Era
    (March 26, 2020) Professor Angela Stent, leading expert on Russia and global geopolitics, offers timely insight on the changing landscape for Russian politics and the implications for oil, Covid 19 responses, and the future great power relations.
Innovation and Technology Dialogues
  • Acceleration of digital transformation: impact of the pandemic
    (December 8, 2020) Prior to COVID-19 oil & gas had been on a steady pace of digital transformation. Industry tech leaders discuss how the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation trends & the way forward for operators and application vendors.
  • Pathways and Principles for Energy Transformation
    (December 3, 2020) Business and academia team up to deliver roadmap for how companies can prepare for the energy transformation by leveraging technology and human talent.
  • Industry leaders on getting to net zero with carbon removal technologies
    (October 22, 2020) Leaders from government, industry & academia debate the enormity of the challenge to achieve net zero carbon emissions, from aggressive innovations to the policies to create market opportunities for carbon removal technologies.
  • Opportunities and Challenges for Electrifying Light Duty Vehicles in a post-Pandemic World
    (October 15, 2020) Auto industry leaders discuss the opportunities & challenges for the light vehicle market over the coming years including the sales momentum for EVs, the pace of EV infrastructure build & public planning for transport and mobility.
  • Renewable Natural Gas: Greening the gas grid
    (October 13, 2020) Gas industry stakeholders deconstruct renewable natural gas and examine its potential to contribute to a low carbon energy system.
  • EV Charging Infrastructure: Navigating COVID-19 & planning for post-crisis demand
    (October 6, 2020) By 2030 nearly 25% of light passenger vehicles produced will be plug-in capable. What is needed for cheap, fast & ubiquitous charging? Industry executives discuss the future of charging & prospects for an electric transport economy.
  • Energy storage technology pathways to support the energy transition
    (September 17, 2020) As recent events highlight the need for energy storage, industry leaders discuss solutions including policy innovation, market-matching, and methods beyond today’s battery technologies to harness low-cost renewable generation.
  • The Future of Cities in a Low Carbon World
    (August 20,2020) With more than half of humanity living in urban areas, the future of cities is critical to the climate agenda. Aberdeen & Cape Town officials share the journey of their cities to net zero carbon emissions and how they drive change.
  • Digital Twins: Shifting from hype to reality
    (August 17, 2020) John Hague, EVP of Operations, Aspen Technology, explains the rapid growth in demand of digital twin technologies, how companies apply it in their operations today & the next frontiers of digital twin innovation.
  • Harnessing the Power of Data Science to Change the Future of Energy
    (August 13, 2020) Bill Vass, AWS Vice President of Engineering, examines the cloud, AI, machine learning and other data science technologies that are transforming the energy industry.
  • The Energy Transition: How Much and How Fast?
    (July 30, 2020) Can the energy transition be accelerated? Executives from leading oil & gas companies examine the technologies and decarbonization strategies that can have the greatest impact in lowering emissions and achieving a low carbon future.
  • Next Generation Biofuels: The View from Europe and the Americas
    (July 28, 2020) Analysts and industry investors discuss major forces that are emerging for next generation biofuels, with a focus on Europe and the Americas: advanced technologies, carbon intensity improvements, and policy support.
  • Innovating to Deploy Carbon Capture, Use and Storage at Scale
    (July 21, 2020) Experts from industry examine the role of CCUS in meeting long-term emission targets, the current state of CCUS technologies, and the prospects for decarbonizing heavy-emitting sectors.
  • Why now is the time for the world to come together and solve the multiple crises facing humanity
    (July 21, 2020) Sunita Narain, Director General of the Centre for Science and Environment, connects the crises of climate change, COVID-19 & global poverty & examines a new economic agenda that emphasizes the environment & the well-being of society.
  • Digital Transformation: The Next Phase
    (July 9, 2020) Leading experts in energy and technology discuss the next wave of digital transformation across industry and explore the gains to be further realized in strategic collaborations, value chain efficiency, and business integration.
  • Voices of Innovation: Susan Hockfield & the technology story of the 21st century
    (July 7, 2020) Susan Hockfield, President Emerita of MIT, explores how the convergence of biology and engineering will be the defining technology story of the 21st Century,
  • Making better decisions for the energy transition
    (June 16, 2020) A panel of experts analyze the energy transition challenge, cross-sectoral approaches to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and a new model to measure their impact.
  • The Outlook for Next Generation Biofuels
    (June 4, 2020) Leading experts in the biofuels industry assess the state of play of next generation biofuels and the opportunities for the sector to provide sustainable transportation solutions in post-COVID economies.
  • A Hydrogen High Road?
    (June 2, 2020) A panel of executives at the forefront of hydrogen developments discuss the future of hydrogen technologies, policies and regulations to support their uptake and the role of hydrogen in the energy transition.
  • Energy Innovation is a Marathon not a Sprint
    (May 2, 2020) Barbara Burger of Chevron Technology Ventures, Vijay Swarup of ExxonMobil, and Robert Armstrong of MIT Energy Initiative, discuss what their organizations are doing to support the fight against the pandemic.