• CERAWeek
  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Robert Zeller


Vice President, Technology - Low Carbon Ventures

Dr. Robert Zeller is Vice President of Technology for Oxy Low Carbon Ventures.  He has over 30 years of experience in the chemical industry, is a recognized leader in Operational Excellence, and has successfully scaled technologies from the test tube to commercial scale several times in his career.  Applying that knowledge and skill to CCUS and associated technologies is his mission with Oxy Low Carbon Ventures.  He is the inventor for nearly 20 US Patents, has made numerous presentations to professional groups, and is a registered Professional Engineer in Texas.  He was awarded the prestigious Winthrop-Sears Medal in 2022, which recognizes exceptional innovation and entrepreneurship in the sciences field, for his advancing cutting-edge, low-carbon technologies and business solutions that reduce emissions.

Sessions With Robert Zeller

Monday, 6 March

  • 01:00pm - 01:30pm (CST) / 06/mar/2023 07:00 pm - 06/mar/2023 07:30 pm

    Oxy | Direct Air Capture – An Enabler for a Sustainable Future

    CO2 captured from the atmosphere, or direct air capture (DAC) CO2, is an enabler for a sustainable future. DAC enables it all - from facilitating a hydrogen economy transition through using DAC CO2 as an energy carrier to enabling individuals, companies, and even countries to meet their net-zero ambitions through the use of high-quality, verifiable Carbon Dioxide Removals (CDRs).

Tuesday, 7 March

  • 10:30am - 11:00am (CST) / 07/mar/2023 04:30 pm - 07/mar/2023 05:00 pm

    Scaling CCUS: New business models

    The CCUS value chain offers opportunities for integrated business models that connect players engaged in one or more elements—carbon capture, transport, trading, storage and CO2 use. What are the experiences to date with such full-chain models? What does it take to make such models prosper?