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  • March 18 - 22, 2024

Dan Harple

Context Labs

Chief Executive Officer

Dan Harple is the CEO and Founder of Context Labs and its subsidiaries, SphericalAnalytics.io (S|A), a firm he founded in partnership with Jeremy Grantham’s Environmental Trust, and recently Context Labs Energy, a joint venture with BP Energy Partners. Considered an Internet pioneer, serial entrepreneur and inventor, Dan had founded and built technologies, companies, and products that have been used by billions of Internet users. He has merged companies with Netscape Communications, Oracle, and Sina. Dan’s work has established key standard for Internet collaboration, media streaming, voice over IP, and big data collaboration. Context Labs mission is to provide the world’s trusted data fabric platform. The company is dedicated to sourcing, organizing, and contextualizing the world’s ESG information. Context Labs has deployed service layers (1) Decarbonization-as-a-Service (DaaSTM), to accelerate the Global Energy Transition, and its (2) CLEAR PathTM platform to enable customers to optimize value creation with the highest quality environmental commodities. The DaaSTM platform is the largest deployed enterprise decarbonization platform in the energy sector. Context Labs is a leader and innovator in data fabric technologies, integrating blockchain technology with big data ingestion, machine learning, and AI, providing a strategic tool for environmental impact and risk assessment. He holds an advanced degrees from MIT and the University of Rhode Island. He has served on a range of non-profits and educational organizations, including the Board of Trustees for the Berklee College of Music. Dan has received numerous awards, including Inc. magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the NEA President’s Award. 

Sessions With Dan Harple

Monday, 6 March

  • 01:30pm - 02:00pm (CST) / 06/mar/2023 07:30 pm - 06/mar/2023 08:00 pm

    NextGen Gas | The New Revolution in Low Emission Natural Gas

    In this presentation, we will discuss how Williams and Context Labs strategic partnership is bringing the next generation of end-to-end verified, certified low carbon natural gas to the market, using Williams' industry-leading QMRV protocols, emission monitoring technology, and Context Labs' Decarbonization-as-a-Service Platform. NextGen Gas provides credible, wellhead-to-burner tip, low carbon intensity natural gas by leveraging real-time asset-grade data. This solution is positioned to lead the next generation of clean energy solutions that helps the world meet their climate goals.