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The Innovation Agora program for 2019 is built around 6 Key Themes. In our Agora Studio sessions, featuring interactive conversations among executives and technologists, we plan to include the following topics across the themes:


  • Driverless Technology: The real disruptor
  • Designing & Building the Automobile of the Future
  • The Quest for Better Batteries
  • Cars, Clouds & Connectivity: Networks on wheels
  • The Quiet ICE Revolution: New Tech Driving New Directions
  • EV Battery Supply Chain: Scale, geography & recycling
  • Hydrogen’s Role in Transport
  • EV Charging: Business Models and Players of the Future
  • The Future of Ride-Hailing & Mobility as a Service


  • Oil & Gas: Realizing value from digital transformation
  • Transforming Asset Management & Development through Digital Twins
  • Prediction & Forecasting: Is new technology faster, better, cheaper?
  • Digital Skills & the Workforce
  • Life on the Edge: The coming revolution
  • Energy Infrastructure: How vulnerable to cyber attack?
  • How Will Quantum Computing Impact Energy - and when?
  • Power: Realizing value from digital transformation
  • Data Ownership & Access: Implications for power & consumer
  • Energy as a Service: Bubble or Promise?
  • Is Data the New Oil?

Advanced Manufacturing

  • Collaborative Robots: Robots and Humans in the Future Workplace
  • Incentivizing Industrial Energy Efficiencies
  • Into the Extreme: Technologies to Overcome Hostile Environments
  • Designing & Building the Automobile of the Future


  • Innovation: City of the Future
  • Urban resilience in a changing climate
  • Integrated Transport Systems for the Future City
  • Powering the Cities of the Future


  • Digital Ledgers: Oil and Gas Supply Chain
  • Trading and Risk Management: Blockchain and beyond
  • Carbon Footprint in Crypto Mining
  • Carbon Trading: Will Blockchain Change the Game?
  • Retail power and blockchain - Power customer and blockchain

Future Pathways

  • Future Pathways to Hydrogen Production: Innovation for Cost
  • Hydrogen: What role in heat and power?
  • Financing Innovation across the Energy System
  • New Developments in Offshore Wind: Size and Scale on the Rise
  • New Pathways for Nuclear
  • Energy and Oceans: The next frontier
  • Renaissance of Biofuels
  • Storm over Plastics : Innovative Solutions

* Topics subject to change

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