Technology Agora @ CERAWeek

Introducing the Technology Agora@CERAWeek

View the current Agora program for the Studio, the Exploration Pods and the Discovery & Showcase!

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The Agora is a new feature of CERAWeek that provides a powerful platform to explore the critical role of technology and innovation in the global energy future. The Technology Agora@CERAWeek provides space and unique program formats dedicated to connecting ideas across industry, government and society and translating them into growth and opportunity.

Throughout the week, the Agora will serve as a gathering place for thought leadership and brainstorming, and will showcase technologies and innovation across key emerging areas including:

  • Digitalization and decarbonization of energy systems
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • New models around power and mobility
  • Smart homes, smart cities and the future grid

Special studio sessions will include interactive discussions, presentations and case studies, interviews with top thought leaders across the sectors, as well as demos and prototypes showcasing new technologies. Look for the (gear icon) on the Agenda page to denote special Technology Agora programming sessions.

The Agora will be open to all CERAWeek delegates and invited guests from Agora partners. Look for the gear icon on the Agenda page to denote special Technology Agora programming sessions

Join us to participate in the shaping of the energy future. To follow Agora on social media use #cwagora.

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