Vijay Swarup

ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company

Vice President, Research & Development

Vijay Swarup has held the role of vice president of research and development at ExxonMobil since 2014. He leads a team of scientists and engineers to develop technologies that can support the demand for global energy while transitioning to a lower carbon future. A 30-year veteran of ExxonMobil, Swarup has held a variety of leadership roles in engineering, chemicals, and planning from offices in Alberta, Canada, to Baytown, Texas. He has a PhD in chemical engineering from Rutgers University and serves on the National Academies Board on Chemical Sciences Technology, and the Advisory Boards for the MIT Energy Initiative, and the Singapore Energy Center.

Sessions With Vijay Swarup

Thursday, 10 March

  • 02:30pm - 03:10pm (CST) / 10/mar/2022 08:30 pm - 10/mar/2022 09:10 pm

    Voices of Innovation: Vijay Swarup


    One-on-one candid conversations from the foremost and sometimes controversial thought leaders.

  • 05:00pm - 06:30pm (CST) / 10/mar/2022 11:00 pm - 11/mar/2022 12:30 am

    “Next Gen” Future Energy Leaders Town Hall

    Diversity & Inclusion/Future of Workforce Finance & Investment/Trading & Risk Management/ESG Carbon Management/Decarbonization

    The race is on for innovative, fresh approaches to solve the world’s greatest energy and climate challenges. The emerging generation of future energy leaders, technologists, and entrepreneurs have unprecedented opportunity for impact and to create real change. The energy world is hungry and open to disruptive ideas. There never has been a more exciting—or urgent—time to be part of the energy industry. Join this special interactive “Next Gen” dynamic session, featuring rapid-fire insights by leading minds on energy innovation, along with CERAWeek Future Energy Leaders. How can we achieve net zero ambitions by 2050? How can we tackle climate change while meeting the planet’s need for more energy? What are the promising and scalable technologies? What are the challenges and most exciting opportunities?

Friday, 11 March

  • 12:10pm - 12:50pm (CST) / 11/mar/2022 06:10 pm - 11/mar/2022 06:50 pm

    Reimagining the Energy Future

    Panel Hydrogen/Clean Tech & Power

    “The world has a viable pathway to building a global energy sector with net-zero emissions in 2050, but it is narrow and requires an unprecedented transformation of how energy is produced, transported and used globally,” the International Energy Agency wrote in the report “Net Zero by 2050: A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector” released in May 2021. Since then, countries with over 90% of global GDP have committed to net-zero targets by 2050 or a later date. However, in 2021, emissions and energy demand rebounded strongly after the pandemic-induced drops in 2020. Clearly, we must reimagine the energy future to meet the net-emissions targets. In this panel, we will synthesize the conversations during the week and discuss how to “reimagine the energy future.” Why is the world falling short in reducing emissions? What systemic changes are required to reduce emissions while meeting current and future energy demand? How can the silos among industries and among stakeholders be broken? How could these partnerships be accelerated?