Val Krivenko

Angara Industries

Chairman of The Board

Val is Chairman of Angara, high tech environmental company with award-winning technology that helps Oil Companies to (1) Reduce CO2e by 40% in refineries, and (2) Uplift refining margins by 15-20% by getting their Heat Exchangers run always cleanly and efficiently. Valery co-leads FPI Ventures, an international VC firm focused on science intensive technologies. He is Executive Committee Member of YPO (MOW Chapter), member of National Venture Market Council. Bright Capital VC fund where Valery was Managing Partner, invested in a number of ‘green’ technologies in the US, including Siluria, Solidia, Renmatix etc. Valery held top positions at ONEXIM Group, SIBUR Petrochemicals, and while at McKinsey & Company he worked a lot on Oil & Gas projects. He got MBA from London Business School and studied at UCLA in California.

Sessions With Val Krivenko

Friday, 5 March

  • 09:30am - 09:50am (CST) / 05/mar/2021 03:30 pm - 05/mar/2021 03:50 pm

    Agora Pod

    Cognitive Cleaning: 40% of CO2e abatement at oil refineries

    Presentation Digitalization

    ANGARA’s Cognitive Cleaning technology helps oil refineries to reduce their CO2 emissions 30–40%, and to uplift their margins 15–20% through fuel savings—at the same time. We change paradigm of industrial hygiene: We ensure our clients’ important equipment, like heat exchangers—always run cleanly and efficiently. Our novel solution is based on predictive analytics and smart chemicals. High-emitting industries can achieve >1 gigaton of CO2-e abatement each year. Also, $50 billions of now wasted energy can be saved.