Tom Greenberg

Morgan Stanley

Vice Chairman & Managing Director

Tom Greenberg is a Vice Chairman and Managing Director in Morgan Stanley’s Investment Banking Department. Based in Toronto, he works with companies and investors globally on energy and energy transition related matters. Prior to joining Morgan Stanley, he co-headed the Global Energy and Infrastructure business and the ESG Advisory business at another global bank. Tom has worked with some of the largest energy companies globally on their transition strategies and is a member of Morgan Stanley’s Climate Risk Committee.  

Sessions With Tom Greenberg

Monday, 7 March

  • 01:25pm - 02:05pm (CST) / 07/mar/2022 07:25 pm - 07/mar/2022 08:05 pm

    Mapping the Capital Transition

    Panel Finance & Investment/Trading & Risk Management/ESG

    The last two years have seen accelerated capital markets’ involvement in climate change. Now, financing the energy transition is steering structural changes in capital allocation, investments and valuations of assets, technologies, and companies. New green financial instruments and investment mandates have undergone a seismic shift and are changing the way we think about energy investments, value creation, cost of capital, and implicit carbon prices. Trillions of dollars in private capital have been raised, waiting to back clean energy and climate risk solutions. Will the financial returns on low-emission energy production or decarbonization strategies justify capital deployment?